Tom Golden is a internationally known speaker who has been well received by enthusiastic audiences in Australia, Canada, and the United States for more than a decade. Tom's spontaneous speaking style weaves storytelling and humor into into a captivating experience that is rich in new information and new ways of seeing grief and healing from loss. If you are interested in having Tom come and do a presentation or if you just have some questions feel free to give him a call at 301 670-1027. You can also reach him via email at [email protected].

A Few Comments

"What a skilled teacher, I got my money's worth."
"This workshop was excellent!! Material was new and useful!"
"Thank you for making it interesting and fun and above all grounded in reality."
"I feel that today was a journey for me as a person and also as a caring professional."
"I will help me be much more effective with men."
"Wonderful, and too short. Human, warm, and wise."
"I found the information useful and artfully presented. We needed more of his time."
"An excellent, lively workshop. Time passed too quickly."
"Excellent, informative, and humble speaker."
"Conversant with his subject as well as humane and humorous."

Don't just take others words for it. Watch the 20 minute video of a presentation Tom gave in the Summer of 2007 at a conference in Washington DC.

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