Author Topic: Starting my journey  (Read 1946 times)


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Starting my journey
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:39:36 PM »
My name is Teres
I don't know how this works and hope there is someone out there.
I lost my husband 37 days ago. I have been searching for a group to
connect with.


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Re: Starting my journey
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2018, 10:58:01 PM »
Hi Teres, I'm sorry about your husband. I started coming here about a year ago just after my wife passed and I have found it helpful in here. Sometimes it may seem like no one is around and other times it seems someone is giving you an answer or advice just after you finish. There is really no specific way it works. You either post something your having a problem in adjusting to the loss of a loved one or something that is on your mind and as members come and go someone that either can relate or went through something similar will post a response. Sometimes it will be advice on things that worked for them and helped them other times it's just helpful knowing you not alone with the issue. I have found it helpful in dealing with the loss of my wife just by reaching out to talk or try to help others. There is no magical answer  to a problem and none of us are experts at what we are going through. We aren't judgemental as we all know none of us are any smarter or better or have all the answers. Probably just opening up is the most important thing and a lot of us learn it's ok just to listen and being judgemental would kill that openness. None of us really keep a set schedule I typically come here once a week but this last month I've had a rash of Dr appointments and things breaking at my house.