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Girl friend broke up with me.


My ex girl friend and me where together for 9 months. We both loved each other a lot. She broke up with me about a month ago because she said I argue to much and tried to prove my point to her to much. She said she through maybe she was wrong and I was right and she also said when she through that she lost herself. So I reach out to her by writing a letter and sent her flowers. I ask her about 3 times that I sorry for arguing and trying to prove my point and that I would like a second chance at our love. She said she can't answer that right now because she not in the right mind set. That she needs time to find herself and she thank me for saying sorry. I having text her or called her at all unless she reach out to me. What should I do? I really want to help her or wait for her because I think she the one for me. The arguing was the only killer for the relationship that she says but every thing else she loves about me. We get along so good beside the arguing and have slot in commen too. I have been giving her time and leaving her alone. Last weekend I wrote a 9 page letter to her expressing how sorry I am and what I'm doing to change for the better of me. She did text me after reading the letter and she said thank you for the letter. It was nice to here. I texted back its from my heart to yours. She texted back I still need a lot of time. I texted back I understand and I will wait because your worth it. Do you think it's over or it not? She says that she still love me. Should I just move on or wait for her? I really want to wait for her because she is a awesome girl to be around so much fun and I love her and last thing I have a kid and she was so good to him like it was her kid too. I think that really hard to find. Sorry if I'm jumping around a lot it's just I'm so lost right now and confused about everything. Thanks


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