Author Topic: New to this site-Just lost my sister  (Read 2195 times)


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New to this site-Just lost my sister
« on: November 23, 2015, 03:23:40 AM »
Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. My sister just passed away on the 16th and I am distraught and unable to function. Not only did I lose my sister, my finace' of 3 years cheated on me and left me just a few days prior to my sisters passing. I am hurting so much I can't go a minute without crying. I am completely alone. i have no support of any kind in my life. Any words of encouragement/advice/prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Re: New to this site-Just lost my sister
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2015, 04:33:04 PM »


I'm so sorry to learn that your sister died. Welcome to Webhealing where we all understand the pain and the struggles following a great loss. Share as much as you feel you can or need to. Someone is always reading.
We have a chat room and when you get to know the other members, just private message them and let them know you are in chat and someone will meet you.

If I can help in any way just let me know. You can post to other members on this board, also and as you will see there are many who have had a sister or brother die and have received support on this forum.

Take it one day, one second at a time. And take care of yourself physically. Grief drains us and it zaps our immune system so be sure to get lots of rest, eat healthy and go outside and walk. Drink lots of water, too!

We're here for you. :love9: