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The chat room is now open and the entrance is at the footer of this main page.

There are built in pics for effect/fun and you can upload your own picture or use another avatar if you choose.

On the Main Chat Page, news of planned upcoming events will be listed and you are all welcome to attend. (We'll have to get our time zones straightened out, as before)
And, if anyone has a specific event that they would like to hold in one of the rooms, feel free to list it on the boards to let everyone know. That could be anything from a birthday party with pictures being shared or a candle lighting in honor of your loved one.

Private Message feature: You can private message back and forth as in text messaging by adding the person's name in the TO: box and that's to the left of your type box and they will need to do the same. So, if there are a few people in the chat room and you and another person would like to message only to each other, this is a nice feature.
Example: If Terry and Tom want to exchange private messages, I would type in Tom's name and Tom would type in my name. And our messages to each other would be private.
The default is set on *ALL* at this time, unless you change it.

You can link to videos and pictures that you would like to share.

There is also a BELL BUTTON  that will ring to alert you when someone is entering the room you are in. This is also a nice feature when we're chatting because we all at one time or another have to walk away from our computers with something to do.

You can also enlarge the text box: After you click on the plus button + just mouse over the three little lines at the bottom right corner of the screen and stretch it to your preferred size.

At this time we have three rooms. Child Loss, Spouse/Partner Loss and the Main room which is designated for all other losses.

With the holidays fast approaching the chat rooms have always been a welcome feature for members to get together on a more personal level to offer and receive support. :icon_flower:

Any questions, ideas or thoughts just post them here. Enjoy!


My wife died two weeks ago. Some days (like today) I feel i cant go on.

Sandy W:
I wish I could say it would get better.   and in the first year it might seem as if it will.  just be prepared for after that.

My husband died March 19th. I can't tell you about it because it's too painful. I thought I was doing better today, but not so much now.
Maybe later I can tell you about Kevin's passing without feeling that I didn't do enough to prevent it from happening.


My husbandpassed suddenly 23 months ago without any warning. It is hard and not getting anybetter.


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