Author Topic: Sharing Some Mother's Day Humor (If you need a laugh today :)  (Read 2154 times)


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This it the first Mother's Day for me, since my mom passed.  She passed in February.  I needed something today to make me laugh.  I opened up some notes for a eulogy I wrote for my mom's burial.  Thought I'd share a funny portion.


PS: Mom was the emotionally healthy member of the family - for the most part.  (She was a saint to have stayed married to my dad)
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Mom had a great sense of humor.  Some families have expensive art pieces, but our family had their "ceramic dog poop".  It looked quite real and many friends and relatives were fooled by it through the years.  This family heirloom was stored in a closet for years at a time.  Then, someone in the family would rediscover it and it became a brand new joke.  There were other jokes, "a fart cushion" and a fake can of peanuts with pop outs. 

My dad may have installed the wolf whistle on the family station wagon ( upon our request), but my mom was the first to use it when we drove down a particular boulevard (that became a cruising route for many).  Sometimes, we would prompt mom to blow the whistle.  Other times, she would just use the whistle on her own. 

After my mom's death, I thought that we might find the fake dog poop” resting somewhere in a closet at my parent's home.  I thought that perhaps my sister and I could shared custody of it, but my sister reminded me that years ago, one of our cousins visited us with some Air Force buddies.  The buddy stole our family treasure.

No fear, I “googled it” and found that I can buy a replica online.  Too bad I’m not still working, with a desk to my name, I might be tempted to buy a “Dog Poop” pen holder for my desk.  I'll buy one for home, but it won't be as much fun. 

I already searched the Internet around the time of my mom's burial.  I think as soon as I post this note, I'll purchase a new "ceramic dog poop" in celebration of Mother's Day.  Hopefully, mom will chuckle from the grave.