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The Other Side of Sadness


A book by George Bonnano

"The Other Side of Sadness"

George A. Bonanno is professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University



"We tend to understand grief as a predictable five-stage process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But in The Other Side of Sadness, George Bonanno shows that our conventional model discounts our capacity for resilience. In fact, he reveals that we are already hardwired to deal with our losses efficiently--not by graduating through static phases. Weaving in explorations of mourning rituals and the universal experiences of the death of a parent or child, Bonanno examines how our inborn emotions--anger and denial, but also relief and joy--help us deal effectively with loss."

Nice to see a familiar face as I venture on here late at night while the world sleeps. So many old faces have come and gone over the yrs.  but sometimes a familiar face is all thats need to calm the storm within.  Those darn anniversary dates!   Hope you are well.   

I already read somewhere about this book, but then I forgot the title. Thank you for reminding.


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