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Poem XX.
« on: November 22, 2014, 07:51:03 PM »
​Iīve found the grieving people this week,
now I need no more close friends to seek,
lucky one canīt understand a broken soul,
when I always feel in my heart such a hole.

This is what Iīve been looking for so long,
inside of me I hear to sound a tune of song,
Iīve found hard to be overwhelmed with sadness,
itīs what still does to me the running loneliness.

Now Iīm finding an easier way to stand a grief,
feeling at moment so light as on a tree the leaf,
what a great feeling having near those people,
they can understand me at least more a little.

Do you hear me,my sweetest angel from above?
yes,itīs been helping me your everlasting love,
you make me smile everytime I feel down,
too let me hear inside a beauty of the sound.

Youīre by my side all the time,I always know,
I donīt forget of my nameīs day your rainbow,
reach out to you touching your loving face,
holding you my dear to feel your embrace.

Then we can dance in the moonlight again,
being happy to do not feel more the pain,
will be kissing you till my last loving breath,
dearest Jan,thereīs no more weeping death.

​I always kiss you from the heart,my endless love,
you know how much I love you,also stars above,
you will always be my dearest and only one,
I can not wait to be with you,my beloved Jan.