Author Topic: Warning! Read only if you're interested in helping with a grief research study.  (Read 4464 times)


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I usually try and avoid researchers asking for subjects for their studies but this group has a long history of doing excellent professional research and the study is on trying to help grief via the internet.  They are looking for participants.  If people are interested here is the info to get involved:
The Centre for Bereavement Research and Intervention at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is currently inviting people to participate in an international study into the efficacy of a new grief intervention. This intervention consists of five different homework assignments that are sent to participants by e-mail. Assignments will take on average 30 minutes to complete.

You are invited to participate in this study if you meet the following criteria:

1.age 18 years or older
2.native English speaker
3.being significantly distressed by the death of a partner, parent, child or sibling
4.access to computer and Internet facilities possession of a valid e-mail address

Please visit for more information and to register for this study.

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