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Good days and bad
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:45:23 PM »
So it was a bad day yesterday, and this is the best place to share, with people who know how it is.

I was taking my foster daughter to an activity at a local center, and I noticed the parking lot was full of people, and there was wedding going on in another part of the building.  Then I noticed one of Vince's friends in the crowd, and called to him - talking to him, I learned that another of Vince's friends was getting married . . . and anyhow, it was quite a gathering of "Vince's old crowd," many of whom I had not seen, and had not seen each other, since Vince's funeral almost five years ago. 

It was so unexpected, to run into that bunch - see how they are getting married, having children . . . it was wonderful, and I was grateful for the coincidence (except I don't really see it as a coincidence) but it was also so, so hard.

I kept thinking that Vince should be there, in that crowd, he would surely have been invited to the wedding, maybe I would have even dropped him off there yesterday, instead of my foster daughter.

It's hard not to keep thinking:  Why Vince?  Of all those people, why is Vince the one who is gone?  Later, someone posted pictures from the wedding on FB, including a picture of all the old pals together again, smiling and laughing - and I kept thinking:  Vince should be in those pictures.  Why isn't Vince in those pictures, grinning with that semi-shy, twinkly grin of his?  Where is Vince?

So I had to have a good cry, and I'm still feeling down, but a bit better.

Good news is that it looks like I will be adopting the girls - it's a long process, but it is looking very hopeful.  The older two sisters have been with me for 3 yrs, and the younger sis has been with me for 6 mos.

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Re: Good days and bad
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 11:52:36 AM »

I understand, Sarah. I ask myself those same questions all the time.

Glad to hear about the girls. Keep us updated. :love4:

Sending you hugs and my love, :love9: