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Living Dead
« on: November 16, 2012, 01:58:16 PM »
Living death is worse than death living because,
The symbolism and imagery of such conditions vastly differ,
From each other in unacceptable yet irrefutable ways.
How? Allow me to elaborate as, since I am one of the living dead,
(Not quite the same as a Zombie, but somewhat similar...)
I will endeavor to offer you my humble analysis of the profound differences,
In the analogies of "Living Dead' and 'Dead Living'.
For instance, to offer you a mere few regarding 'Dead Living', I Quote:  "Immortality","Everlasting Life", "The Afterlife",
"Resurrection of the Body", "The Trumpet Shall Sound",
The Greek word 'Athanasia' meaning resurrection of the body,
Other Greek term 'Aphtharsia' meaning a state of being incapable of,
'Corruption, decomposition, or degeneration'. "Eternal!" "Perpetual!"
"Forever! Forever! Forever! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujaaahhh!!!!"
So. There you have it: Death Living or Dead Living in a nutshell.
And so then....Living Dead - ? Well, I won't go on ad nauseam here.
Perhaps this rather touchy subject may warrent yet another one of my,
Intermidable poems. (Lucky you!) Suffice to say that:
If I really do need to spell it out so disgustingly plainly,
(And you can see I am not exacly in a Shakespearian mood right now.)
Living Death is just what it states: being dead whilst you are alive,
More dead than the dead really. Why? Well. All I can say at this point,
Is that I can see the maggots even with my eyes wide open.
And it is the lviing dead who wish they were dead, while knowing,
Deep down , that they already are.


Helene & Lesley