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« on: June 21, 2012, 06:49:50 AM »

People are starting to stare at the blade of grass I've become,
"It's not my fault", I want to say but don't, "It's my nerves."
Oh, but it's great to look like a stick-bug and Twiggy's still in style,
And there! Listen to my female colleagues whispering behind my back,
See their envious eyes surreptitiously glancing my way thinking:
'Does she have cancer or is it laxatives?'
No! It's my bloody nerves! Life! People! Stuff! Shit happens!
Shit  keeps happening and so 'IT' is happening again.
Can't eat. Can't sleep. Wired to the max. Getting it all done.
Husband away. Actually relishing my time alone this time.
Too bad he's back on Sunday. Maybe he'll change his mind.
Maybe he'll stay away all summer like he did that one winter,
And nearly drove me crazy (but never again will I go insane...over him.)
I feel like a fine-hewn filament of fresh spun glass,
Crystalizing from red-hot-heat to transluscent cool,
Ready to snap at the slgithest touch,
Spinning inside outside in all around oh ho oh ho YEAH!


PS Just some more 'fall-out' since Lesley died - you know.

Helene & Lesley