Author Topic: Ode To My 'Family'  (Read 1473 times)


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Ode To My 'Family'
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:24:23 AM »
Soon all of us will be gone, all of the main players I mean,
So why all these gripes and fears? Why this estrangement between my mother and I?
And why does my half-brother hide himself so well, as our mother does? And my younger sister who,
Disappears into the perfect and constant demands of her own life,
What with her perfect job, perfect husband, perfect children, proof or Julie's endless SUCCESS all there on Facebook don't-you-know.
Julie's perspective: as if nothing ever happened at all. Her: mother's 'chosen one' the rest of us lepars. Her, trained like a monkey I guess, semingly able to escape all this mess - which, it seems, she has done, has won.
Lesley knew it well, and, in trying to just SURVIVE, died in her heroic efforts, efforts blantantly ignored...
Even as Julie posts and posts all her perfect family posts on Facebook Sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's all so digustinglyy heinous in the end, all this pretending, hiding, lying and general deceit,
Hybrid humans hiding hordes of hideous truths, truths that just won't go away,
Until perhaps when we're all finally dead and the years have wiped clean all our existences,
Out into the stratosphere of what they call the 'afterlife', and, if there really is reincarnation,
I fear, I fear, I fear, and then...laugh hysterically at the mere thought of the lot of us all,
Beng back together again. The same g-damn jigsaw puzzle just with different sized pieces,
'Together' like one of those old crooner's songs, all happy and together again.

Well. If at first you don't succeed, (and we sure as hell haven't!), try, try again.
(That's what the reincarnation book say: "Families often somehow end up connected again, in the next life and the next...)
Ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha-ha-ha-ho-ho-oh-Oh!
Try, try again and again and again?!
Why....if reincarnation even exists, I ask: why, oh why were we ever given the chance beofore,
And why, oh why, whould we ever be given a chance again?!?!?!

Therein ends my ode to the 'family'.


Helene & Lesley