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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #15 on: March 03, 2012, 02:44:20 AM »
((((((((((((( Arthur )))))))))))))))

I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping.  I wish I could help you but as for me I can't sleep either.  I wake up constantly.  I do exercise, pray, etc. My mind goes a mile a minute as I lay there. I just pray to God and Lou please let me just fall asleep this whole journey is exhausting me. I do wake up all through the night and it's a repeat. 

Of course the anxiety doesn't help me either.  I do take xanax for it but mainly at night because I have to work so it helps a little. On the weekends I take 2 to 3 through out the day because my mind is really thinking , ugh.

Hope you can find away to get rest.

You are in my thoughts and prayers !!!

"Soulmates Forever"

I miss you every second of everyday My Love

I know I will see you again