Author Topic: Been a few months, but back again.  (Read 1987 times)


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Been a few months, but back again.
« on: February 10, 2012, 08:59:21 PM »
Hi everybody, it has been a couple months but here I am again.  January 13 marked a year since my mom died.  I feel like it is harder and harder now ... I am hanging in there, but worried about my poor dad, he is still so heart broken.  We have had a lot of family problems since Mom's passing too, and so one of my two sisters may be heading across the country on bad terms.  That is hard for all of us too.  As our family therapist says, any type of loss just rips open the wound of losing my mom a little more.

I hope that everybody here is doing ok.  To Terry, I am so sorry to hear (very delayed) about your father's passing, and right during the holidays too.  Alzheimer's is a horrible disease.  I work in geriatrics, and even seeing it on a daily basis, I cannot imagine what it could be like to see a parent go through that.  At least he is in peace now.

My sister got married over the holidays, and it was fun and happy, but also sad too without my mom.  Now my boyfriend and I are discussing maybe getting engaged soon, and I just keep thinking about her. 

I thought to come here tonight because I found myself listening to my mom's favorite songs over and over and over.  It's just so hard, because at times I almost feel as though I can hear her singing these songs and playing her guitar.  She was a wonderful singer.  I just wish I could hear her sing again.  The last time I think I did was on my birthday a couple months before she fell ill.  I will always cherish that memory.

Anyway, thanks for letting me stop in and post an update.  I hope everybody is getting through winter alright.  Luckily in CT it has not been too harsh - after that October blizzard we had ...!

Take care,



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Re: Been a few months, but back again.
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 09:43:34 PM »

Hi Jess!

So nice to hear from you. Sometimes the second year is much harder. I think because reality is setting in and that first year we feel mostly shock and the reason we are able to accomplish what we are. I can imagine the difficult time your Dad is still having. I'm glad he has you, though.

Thank You for the thoughts on my Dad. Yes, it was heartbreaking watching what that awful disease did to my precious, loving Dad and I am so sad. It hasn't been that long, December 18th so I'm robotically going through my days, managing the best I know how and holding it together.

Congrats on your sister's wedding! I know your Mom was so missed. Always will be. And, let us know how 'your' love life is unfolding. Good things happening for you. I'm happy!

I'm sorry to hear of the family sadness. It seems to follow any loss. One life affects so many others and feelings surface after a time that we may have not even been aware of. It's all a part of doing the work and getting through. I'll be holding positive thoughts for you all. I hope your Dad finds some comfort.

Thanks so much for the update. Was wondering where you were!! :)

((((((Jess & Mom))))))