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« on: February 10, 2012, 01:32:13 PM »
My Dad was like the West Coast fog,
That would suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere,
Enshrouding everything in its thick blanket of white,
The white of unknowingness, my emotional oblivion,
The pain of seeing him again, only to know, always to know,
That seeing him would lead to him  to inexorably leaving me once more.
Like how the fog would later suddenly roll back out over the Pacific,
Giving way to a rare sunny day, where all was unexpectedly clear...
This: to my rain-sodden psyche rendered me completely unprepared...unable,
To handle such raw-boned clarity and so I receeded backwards,
Like a crab scuttling its incessant treck, burrowing into the sand its secret land,
Because even after my Dad disappeared yet once again,
Nobody every explained anything to me.
Anything at all.

Love from Helene.   

Helene & Lesley