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Happy New Year 2012
« on: January 09, 2012, 02:16:48 PM »
Bit of a rough start - rahter - !
Head on the chopping block - off with it at dawn, so-to-speak.
Been a very naughty girl, they say.
"Bout gall-darned time!", is my reply, which,
All those pious denizens at court don't really appreciate when push comes to shove:
A characteristic very unbecoming to obediant daughters at long-last caught,
With one's own inner guilt made - it's been a very - long - time - in - coming.
She's blatently, outwardly manifested 'herself', as they say...
The end of all the rest - the pest - what an audacious jest!!
So, yup: it's been a bit of a rough start - rather - !
What-oh - ?!, exclaimed Wooster to Jeeves,
(You see my English background here, eh?)
What-oh - ?! Faint ho-ho-hos still from Christmas ring,
Ding-a-ling - bing-BING - !
Has she gone MAD?! They whisper and wonder until it simply cannot be ignored any longer:
It. Me. My behavior, don't-you-know.
What a great fall is mine: greater than Humpty-Dumpty even.
Such a potential once was so fine. Me: such a profound disappointment especially to my husband dear...
And what will I say when he finally knows all, looks wide-eyed at me yelling:
"What in the hell happened to you?!"
And all I can answer is: "Lesley died."

Love, Helene

Helene & Lesley