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First time asked
« on: December 29, 2011, 04:06:45 PM »
A few days ago I met a friend in the store who I have know all my life but I don't see her very often.  She knew Jolene had passed away but didn't know why.  She asked me what had been wrong with Jolene and that was the first time I have been asked that question.  It just brought not only the moment of her death back but the whole last week of her life.  She was in constant pain the last week of her life until just a few hours before she passed.  I hated so much that I could do NOTHING for her pain. Having all that brought back has really been hard.  It hurts SOOO much.  Sometimes I feel like I am NEVER going to get through this.
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Re: First time asked
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2011, 05:55:30 AM »
 I find that no matter the loss, all of us on this path have almost the same feeling. I found the best discription of this journy the othe day and I think you can relate. It said grief is not something you complete, but rather you endor. greif is not a task to finish and move on, but an element of yourself-An aleration of your being. A new way of seeing. A new defination of self. There is more to this quote but I think this sums it up best.

Hoping some day we can all look back and smile insteed of cry.



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Re: First time asked
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