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Chat Room - News & Rules
« on: January 28, 2012, 02:30:28 PM »
With a lot of new members signing up and not familiar with webhealing yet, I though I would post this, and hope it helps!

Regarding the new chat room, I have a suggestion to eliminate a few annoyances.

1) I noticed when posting the animated pictures, that it causes the screen to flicker.  

2) When posting a picture from your computer, keep it small. The pictures posted here on the Spouse Loss Board are a perfect size!

The refresh rate is now 7 messages and I've found that that eliminates a lot of flickering, too. Me and Peggy were in Child Loss last night for well over an hour and noticed very little flickering. I posted many pictures but tried to keep them small. The large ones caused minor flickering.
I met Kevin in Spouse Loss, to address some of his and Lisa's concerns after the settings were tweaked and we noticed no problems. :)   And, we solved the privacy issue where the chat session is now deleted after one hour and any messages typed after 7, are also automatically deleted.

I noticed that those signed up for our old chat room have not yet registered for our new one, so please do so and try it out for a couple weeks then we'll take a poll and look at the areas that may need work.

3) At this time, we have only three rooms: Lobby, Spouse Loss and Child Loss. The Lobby is designated for Sibling & Parent Loss, only. If the need arises where the Lobby chat room becomes busy, then other rooms will be added to accommodate. The same applies to Spouse Loss as this room is designated for only those who have lost a Spouse or a Significant Other. The Child Loss chat room is only for those who have lost a child.

But, at any time if someone wants to chat and there's no one in your room, just post on the board, using the "Thumbs-Up" emoticon that will capture attention and if someone is around, they will meet you in your room to chat!

At this time, there are scheduled chat times set-up for Child Loss and Lobby (Parent & Sibling) and it has been working well. Please let's continue to respect one another's privacy and stay within our designated rooms.

Thank You,