Author Topic: The Magic Key - For Lesley  (Read 1292 times)


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The Magic Key - For Lesley
« on: October 04, 2011, 08:44:18 AM »
Through weeping shadows I've searched for you,
Having never really found you in life I then quested to find you in death.
But little did I know as I looked deep into the abyss where you so quickly disappeared,
I saw only my own dark eyes reflected in the murky waters below,
Heard Hade's sirens calling my name, beckoning me to swim the River Styx,
So I plunged into those cold, dark waters searching everywhere for you Lesley,
Calling out your name, screaming for you, crying: "I;m sorry! I'm sorry! So sorry!"
My empty words echoed through my darkest dreams. My path led me no-where:
To a place one regrets ever having entered: the Land of Regrets: my living death.
The Dark Night of My Soul. The armageddon of one's own despairing being.
A tiny blot of nothingness, having long since fallen off the edge of the path,
Falling through space never ending yet always looking, hoping, wishing, dreaming of you...
But whenever I looked I saw nothing until one day upon viewing my own image I saw Death.
Reaching out to embrace me, I saw my dead arms closing upon nothingness, and you, Dear Lesley,
Eluded me!! Endlessly hiding, ignoring my screams, my agony, my spirit shriveling into dust until....

(to be continued in next post)


Helene & Lesley