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« on: September 23, 2011, 07:04:39 AM »

Life is a gob of spit in my face, drooling mouth, bloodshot eyes, tickets to a concert I have to attend.
I sit at my desk at work crying and who gives a rat's ass, right?!
Life sucks and keeps on sucking whatever's left inside of me but who can see? Who will see?
Lesley's birthday this Sunday: and I - I must celebrate my brother-in-law's instead,
On Sunday with that family, September 25: LESLEY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Even though brother-in-law's is on the 27th. Chocolate cake with coconut icing with bright red cherries on top,
Inadvertently I suggested to my husband that we might have a spice cake for a change.
(Because that is what Lesley liked.) "Why?!, demanded my husband, "Because  that is what YOU want?!
I nearly told him to go to hell right there and then. He: having so conveniently forgotten  our conversation,
The weekend before when I reminded him that Sunday September 25 is Lesley's Birthday.
"We'll have to do something special to remember her." said my husband with a sympathy so fleeting,
That it was barely there in the first place. And now Lesley has died all over again, again, again.
Forgotten like she was in life. Always swept aside for someone else. Always someone else.
Don't get me wrong: I don't begrudge my brother-in-law's birthday. Don't get me wrong.
Wrong. It's all wrong and I"m at the breaking point.


Helene & Lesley