Author Topic: Regarding dates of your loved ones - please read!  (Read 3013 times)


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Regarding dates of your loved ones - please read!
« on: September 04, 2011, 06:59:50 PM »

I will be posting your precious loved ones dates on the appropriate boards. Those who have lost a child will be posted on the child loss board. Mom and Dad, on Parent Loss. Husband or Partner, on Spouse Loss and this would include a friend. Sister and brother, Sibling Loss.

I have had some contact with a few from this board but have been unable to reach some others.

If your email is visible, I have been sending a notification regarding dates. I want you all to know that we remember your precious loved ones here, regardless of how often or even if you 'do' post.

Know that you all have my heart as this board seems to carry the most difficulty in sharing due to some feeling that suicide is a taboo subject. It is NOT here and never will be. It does not matter how anyone died. It matters that you loved them and you're in pain and need support. Nothing else matters.

Someone who has been a most loyal poster, always offering support and understanding from his huge and loving heart has been Don, Donny's Dad. As you may or may not know, Donny also took his own life. Thank You, Don from the bottom of 'my' heart for all you do for so many here. Don understands the difficulty in opening up after such a tragic loss. I know Don would be honored to help any of you along your very difficult journey, as when someone takes their own life, the emotions that have to be dealt with are very different from other deaths. When reading through these threads, Don asked where everyone was. You only need to reach out. Know that we are 'all' here for you!

Also, want to mention that if those who have lost a child from this board would feel more comfortable posting on the child loss board, then by all means, come on over there. We would love to know how you are all doing. This also applies to any loss from this board.

If you don't see your loved ones dates posted for the month, please contact me so I can post them. We honor them in the remembering.

Sending hugs and understanding for all here.