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Dana Mother Goddess
« on: February 14, 2011, 02:02:14 PM »
It took Lesley years to find her real mother, abandoned, as she was, by her real one.
But by 2006 Dana the Mother Goddess of the Celts was there in Lesley's diaries.
Dana, the Irish Goddess who is considerd the Great Mother, a very strong female energy,
She give to all who ask, being a great source of magic and Divine intervention.
Lesley felt: "Cut off from the Source of Life itself, where I was slowly dying,
A festering blister, cut off from others in this family prison. My roots in Celtic ancestors,
Enlivening, integrating Life force on this planet, I have an Irish Multi-sensory Nature,
That I now honor, for I sense now that I was a very sensitive child, with Irish ancestral roots."

And I love to dream, that Lesley is with her Mother-Dana now, resting in her loving embrace,
Lying in the warmth of her motherly lap, held close to a soft, ample bowom,
Being sung a lilting lullaby, her Mother Goddess of her own ancient Irish name,
From the north of Ireland they were, from Donegal, holding down their ancient, family seat,
And Dana's name was origanally associated with the historical figure St. Bridit of Kildaire....
Oh Lesley my sister, daughter of Dana, I pray you will never forget me....


Helene & Lesley