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how about a laugh
« on: December 19, 2010, 09:39:19 PM »
Heard this one last week and thought I'd share.  Stop me if you've heard it already.

A policeman is patrolling in his cruiser late one Saturday night and encounters a man wandering near an intersection.  He's holding a set of keys in his right hand, his fly is unzipped, and he's looking a little altered.  The officer pulls over, shines his flashlight on the wandering stranger to get his attention and asks him to get off the street.

"Man I'm so glad you're here, officer," the man replies.  "I think somebody stole my car."

"Well, where did you last see it?"

"It was attached to the end of this key." 

The officer, now convinced the man is just drunk suggests to him, "Well why don't you take a cab home, come into the station in the morning and file a report.  In the meantime, you need to zip up your fly, my man."

The wanderer looks down at his fly and replies, "Damn, they got my girlfriend too."