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Board Guidelines
« on: October 20, 2010, 03:02:41 PM »
We all use common phrases in our every day conversations and it's difficult to try and determine which ones will be hurtful to others. And, it's almost impossible to remember how each member's loved one died. So, the following may help you when you're posting:

"Trigger" ('s) and "Hang in there" or "Hang on." These are the two most hurtful words/phrases.

Something else that we need to remember is that there are feelings of guilt from the survivors of suicide and we would never want to add to their pain by suggesting they or their loved ones intentionally tried to hurt us in any way. We must not, ever be judgmental toward the ones who committed suicide or to their survivors. They are already in an enormous amount of pain and come onto these boards to find comfort and understanding.

I appreciate everyone's cooperation and please feel free to add your 'own" words/phrases that you have found to be very hurtful.

As far as I know, these two mentioned above seem to always be words and phrases that are never used and they are already in the child loss guidelines but I don't believe they have been mentioned here. And, I apologize to anyone hurt for not posting these Guidelines sooner.

This holy place, as I like to call webhealing has always been a place where we can all share anything with one another, and always have. We have to continue to engage the sensitivity and compassion in posting that these boards have been known for!

Thank You!

My love,