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Lesley Once Wrote
« on: November 08, 2010, 08:47:33 AM »
Lesley once wrote:
A time of change that once led me here,
dissolved into a nameless place,
where all things end and begin.
The bridge towers nearer, looming,
out of nowhere...foot on the edge...
pull the ragged sheets around your sorrow
let the emptiness subside until tomorrow.
It's all part of the show you know.
So long to all the sadness you have heard,
put your money on the smile not the word.
Take a walk away and rest your weary mind,
Keep on walking, never look behind, or you'll turn to sand!

And so I wrote:
That time of change that has now led you there,
Haunts and taunts me everywhere,
Where all things must end, Without you no more time to spend,
The bridge is crumbling fast,
Me falling with it, the time is now past,
And I know it's all part of the show you know,
Just the way things have to go.
Say hello to my sadness, I simply cannot smile,
I too know I'll linger but a short while,
So yes, I'll keep on walking but cannot help but to look behind,
Feel the disintegrating sand of my mind,
Looking, forwever looking through the long halls of my sorrow,
Realizing that there will be no tomorrow, for you.       


Helene & Lesley