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Chat for Christmas
« on: December 17, 2010, 11:10:37 AM »
We have so many new members that are facing their first Holiday season without their loved one. Every Holiday is difficult for us, but the first's are brutal.

The last few years, I have suggested and offered to be online if anyone would like to Chat around Christmas. Well, it became a little confusing as no one was ever on at the same time and we kept missing one another. Many became frustrated and understandably so!

This year, if anyone wants to Chat I suggest sending a private message on the board as my phone will beep to let me know and I can go right online. I keep my computers on, on both sides of the house.

So, the suggestion is: To private message who you would like to talk with, asking if they will be available (ahead of time) and to assure they can be notified in some way so they will know to come online when needed.

I am making myself available for anyone who needs to talk or just needs someone to listen, escaping from the whole 'family thing' as the festivities can be overwhelming this time of year.

I love and care for you all, very much and I am here for you!