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This is a thread to introduce yourself and say hello. 

im not sure what to do here as this is my first time on this site
my name is donna and i lost my soulmate a little over a week ago
he died of a heart attack while we were on vacation, i was with him when he died
the grief i feel is unbearable, i miss him every second of every day
i wonder where he is now, if hes ok, does he know i miss him.  i thought that i would be able to feel him near me
but i dont
today would have been his 50th birthday
one second he was there then he was gone
im having a really hard time getting through each minute without him
he was my whole world, the love of my life
i try to think of the good times but that brings more heart ache for all the memories we wont share
for the memories that were taken from us
living without him is like living in hell


Hi Donna ~ I am so sorry for the loss of your soulmate. 

Welcome to Webhealing.  You will find many loving, supportive people here that will offer you a helping hand and a kind word. 

This Board that you are posting on is very new, feel free to visit the other Boards, perhaps reading of others stories will help you. 

You are soooooooooooooo very early in your journey of greif.  It will take time, and lots of it.  Please take good care of yourself. 

Happy Heavenly Birthday to your soulmate. 

I am so sorry again, please come back and let us know how you are doing. 


I am so sorry that you lost your soul-mate, and all of your future with him.  I know if feels unbearable.  I lost my soul-mate a little over 3 and 1/2 years ago.  I know how much it hurts.  He was my everything too.  He made it to his 50th, but only a few months past.  It gets easier, but it takes a lot of time.  There will be times when you get respite and can have some joy.  Take advantage of those times to the fullest without reservation or guilt because you need them.  The sad times will come again.  I always got so disappointed when I thought I was over it, and then the grief grabbed me again.  Then I realized I just needed to accept it and let it come.  Everyone has their own time table.  I hope for your heart to be comforted. 
Peace and Healing,

((((( Donna )))))

I am so deeply sorry for the sudden, tragic loss of your soul mate. I know the pain is unbearable right now.

"im having a really hard time getting through each minute without him."

One minute at a time, and especially in the earlier days, weeks is how I have always dealt with my losses. At times it is one second at a time. I know that words alone are not a consolation right now and I sure wish I could do more for you. Please know, though that I understand the deep pain from losing someone very dear and I am here to listen and to send you hugs and lots of love.

From what I've been blessed to see, Donna our loved ones are happy and in peace. It is the ones left to grieve who are suffering.

Please share more of your precious love as you are able. Try and take good care of yourself right now as stress caused from grieving zaps our energy level and the little reserve we thought we had left. Try to drink plenty of fluids and rest even if you can't sleep. And, let us know how you are doing. Know we care, very much.

Welcome to Webhealing. We are a family who listens, cares and understands the pain of great loss. There is so much support here and I'm glad you found us.


You have my love,


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