Author Topic: I Lost My Soul Of 14yrs On May 15 2010  (Read 3018 times)


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I Lost My Soul Of 14yrs On May 15 2010
« on: June 09, 2010, 08:54:46 PM »
I Lost the love of my life on May 15, 2010 Of a Massive Stroke, I feel so empty and lost i was at work taking care of other people while my husband was home alone having a massive stroke, i didnt even get a feeling that something was wrong until i went home and found him on the floor of our dining room with his legs cross and hands on his belly like he was in a deep sleep, which now i understand that he was laying that way because he excepted that it was his time to go, then i had to be the one to make the choice to take him off the ventilator, which i new that was his wishes, but seeing him leaving me peacefuly in 15 mins helped alittle knowing that he did not suffer. But i still feel lost he was my life and we would of been married for 6yrs in Sept and toghter for 14yrs in march of 2011. The days sometimes feel long and lonely but though gods help i have been doing ok. My problem now is that i am back to work and i feel so much anger when i am at work, i thought it might be because he died in the hosiptal or the fact that i was at work when he was having his stroke, but i think it cold be both. When it gets close to me having to go to work i get a crazy feeling over my body than i start to cry and can hardly beath, and feel why do i need to go to work and take care of other people when i wasn't there to take care of my own husband. I know it's surpose to get better in time ,but i sometimes which it would hurry on up and get better so i dont have this lonely, sad, empty feel without the love of my life and my SOULMATE!!


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Re: I Lost My Soul Of 14yrs On May 15 2010
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2010, 09:22:43 PM »
((((( AlwaysLovingHim )))))

I am so sorry you've lost your husband, your soulmate and I'd like to welcome you to webhealing.

Thank you for sharing your story. I understand how difficult it is and at the same time and in itself, it is healing. You are right that it takes a lot of time and it also takes a lot of patience, as you have experienced a devastating loss and it is a shock both physically and emotionally.

Please take care of yourself during this time, eating well, resting when you are able and drinking plenty of fluids. Any exercise that you are feeling up to performing, too as grief can and does play havoc with our physical well being. Even if it's a short walk at first.

There are a lot of very caring and loving people here at webhealing and I hope you will find the same comfort and love that I have over the years.

I'm sending you a big hug (((((((((AlwaysLovingHim)))))))))))
My love,