Author Topic: Important information about registering for the webhealing forums  (Read 2216 times)


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The registration process has now been changed to require approval prior to posting.  This means that when people register they will have to wait for the admin to review their registration and then okay it and notify the person via email that their registration has been approved.  The reason we are doing this is that we have been experiencing a much greater volume of spam registrations via robots and then the posting of commercial messages such as ads for pharmaceuticals or worse.  The new registration process is meant to avoid this and leave the boards free of spam and obnoxious ads.  Grief is bad enough but to be subjected to these sorts of ads is simply not acceptable.

The spammers are getting more and more tricky. The latest group actually took quotes from previous posts and pasted it into their messages to make it appear that they were genuine posters.  When we scan the registrations we will be looking for signs of spammers but unfortunately we will likely make some mistakes.  Please, if you are trying to register here and have not received an approval email within 24 hours of registering email me [email protected] and let me know and we will get you registered asap.

You can help out with this by reporting posts that seem like ads or posters that seem like spammers and that will assist the mods in keeping this a safe place that is free from unwanted spam.

Thank you all


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