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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #30 on: February 23, 2007, 01:48:07 PM »
On February 10, 2001, our 16 year old son, Jason, died in a car crash.  Jason was
born on August 30, 1984, eight pounds, 2 ounces and 21 inches long.  He had a
beautiful head full of dark brown hair.  Jason and I spent a lot of time together cause
his dad was in the Navy and at times, would be gone for six months at a time.  I didn't
go back to work for seven months after I gave birth, so Jason was very used to me
being around.  When I finally did go back to work and put him in a day care, he didn't
like it much at all and let me know about it.  I would get teased that Jason was a
permanent growth on my leg cause he would literally hang on to my ankle for the first
few weeks/months until he got used to it and began enjoying the interaction.

Jason was very outgoing and didn't give up for anything.  His first girlfriend was in
Kindergarten.  They got caught showing their bottoms off to one another.   Then at five,
he had his first cast.  He was playing on the jungle gym at school and was jumping from
the top (instead of using the pole or slide).  The teacher told him not to do that, but my
Jason was just a big show off.  Well, the next time he jumped, he held out his hand behind
him and landed right on it without bending his elbow.  Both bones broke.  His next accident,
he wasn't much older (6 or 7).  It was dark outside and we were at an outdoor cookout.
The kids were running around and next thing we know, here comes Jason crying.  He had run
right into a trailer hitch, which smacked him right between the eyes.  By the time we got to
the hospital and waited in the ER for a doctor to examine him, the wound was just about
closed up!

We first discovered Jason's sports talent when he was 2-1/2.  We bought him a small bike
with training wheels when he was 2.  The training wheels came off 6 months later and he
rode like he had been riding without the training wheels for years.  He played T-ball through
his young years.  Then it was off to Iceland.

He proved his sports agility again and again.  Anything he tried, he just exceeded extremely
well in.  Snowboarding, baseball, soccer, even gymnastics.  After Iceland, it was Key West
and there he made the paper several times with stories on how he led his InLine Hockey
team to the top.  He also was entered in the Pass, Punt, & Kick competition and the Hoop
Shoot (made 22 out of 25 baskets!).  Oh, and the water sports.  He loved to ski and knee
board.  He eventually became a certified diver also.

Jason was a good kid who just loved life.  After moving to our permanent address in Riverview,
Florida after my husband retired, you would see Jason playing with the younger kids in the
neighborhood, being big brother.  He was just goofy and could always make me laugh no matter
how mad I was.

When he turned 15, he took Driver's Ed in school and the instructor said he was the best
driver in the class.  We let him drive us everywhere so he would get the practice he needed.
He was a National Honor Student, and a member in the Junior Steering Committee.  Always
helping out.  When he was 16, for his birthday, we gave him my 1986 Mustang convertible.
We had rules, nobody except mom and dad in the car for the first six months.  Then only one friend
for the next six months.  He loved that car.  He payed for and installed new seat covers and was
fixing it up real nice.

Then on February 10, 2001, he wanted to spend the night at a friend, Norman's.  We told him
to have Norman come by as we had not met him before.  They had been at Bush Gardens
all day.  He brought him by and we spoke with Norman for a while.  He's a very nice boy who was
at the top of his class and a very good student.  We told Jason that he could spend the night, but
would have to leave the Mustang home and Norman would have to drive wherever they went.
They were supposed to meet some friends at Steak N' Shake and then go to the movies.  Jason
said that he wanted to take his car so that he didn't have to wake Norman up in the morning to
bring Jason home.  We trusted Jason, as he had never given us a reason not to, and agreed he
could take his car.  We said goodbye and have fun not realizing that that would be the last time
we saw him.

At 1:30 Sunday morning, the doorbell rang.  My husband was first to get out of bed.  I slowly got up
and was getting dressed and had a terrible feeling.  As I started walking out of the bedroom, my
husband came to me and took my hand and told me to come and sit down in the living room.  At that
point, I was thinking, "Jason is in the hospital."  But then, I saw the two state troopers standing in my
living room and I knew.  I sat down with my husband and the troopers proceeded to tell me that my
son had been in a very bad car crash and didn't make it.  I couldn't believe my ears.  I buried my head
in my husbands chest as he held me and I just said No, no and cried and cried.

The troopers explained that Jason entered the Crosstown Expressway and got into the left lane.  A
"phantom" car in the right lane proceeded to move over into Jason's lane.  Although Jason blew his
horn, the phantom car kept coming over.  As Jason's car proceeded into the left shoulder, he went into
a clockwise spin for 1/2 turn.  As the car continued sideways, the drivers side pushed up the guardrail.
The guardrail got to a certain point and folded over creating a point which drove through the driver's
door, broke the seatbelt Jason was wearing, protruded through Jason's body, lifted him up and threw
him out (the top was down) where he landed in the right hand lane and an oncoming van drove over
him.  They think at that point he was already gone as the impact from the guardrail probably caused
an instantaneous death. 

Our neighbor who is a police officer was kind enough to make the identity.  I don't think I could have
gone through that.  Jason was so disfigured and tore up, we almost didn't get any time with him before
the funeral.  They arranged it for us though.  He was covered in a sheet and the only thing showing was his
big toe.

Norman, the passenger, left without a single scratch on him.  When asked what happened, he and
the kids in the other car stuck with the story about a phantom silver truck with red pin striping and
tinted windows.  I believed it for a while.  I would write down every license plate number fitting that
description.  The pictures from the toll booth never came back with any vehicle fitting that description.
After time, after the driver of the other Mustang came around every year only on the anniversary and
Jason's birthday giving us a card and visiting with us, both my husband and I both believe he was
responsible.  We never said anything to him, but you know how you can just see guilt.  We saw it in him.

That was six years ago.  Sometimes it still feels like it's yesterday.  The pain is still there, we are just
learning to live with it.  I miss my Jason and his goofiness so much!

Kim- Matthew's Mom

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Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #31 on: February 26, 2007, 02:40:53 PM »
Matthew Ryan Sapp  Born June 23, 1986.

I was so young when Matt came into my life.  He and I grew up together.  For the first 4 years of his life it was just he and I against the world...with the help of my family of course.  He was everything to me.

 He was a very smart child but did not want to apply himself to things that bored him and that mostly meant school work.  I remember one chanllenge my father gave to Matt.  This was after a quarter of school where he had failed a couple of classes.  My Dad told him he said " Son if you can make straigh A's I will pay you $100 for every A.  But you have to make all A's."  And I want you to know the kid pulled out 6 A's the next quarter and made $600 from my Dad.  He was always doing things that I knew he could do but he would only do them when he wanted to.  He was such a artist.  He could draw anything he wanted.  I was alway amazed at the talent he had.

Matt was always a favorite with the girls.  He always had plenty of girls after him all of the time.  He only had one girl that captured his heart though.  Her name was Amanda.  The dated for the last 4 years of his life. 

The weekend before he died was very special.  Things just happened that were out of the ordinary for our family.  On Sunday, Matt died on Monday,  Matt went with his sister and younger brother and I to a local retail store and then we ate lunch.  We bought a new board game called mouse trap.  We we returned home Matt sat in the living room with his sister and brother and built this game and played it.  On a regular day Matt would have been to busy for his 12 year old sister and 5 year old brother but not that day.  Then on Monday I just happend to be home from work that day having dental work done so when he came home from school I was able to see him and say I love you one more time.  I did not see hime alive again after that.

I think this was God giving us a wonderful last memory.

On April 19, 2004 Matt was working at a job he had only had for 3 weeks when the owner of the business had asked if he could give is daughter also an employee a ride home that night from work.  Matt had just received a Honda Civic that afternoon so of couse he was more that happy to show it off to someone.  On theri way home Matt lost control of his car in a curve and over corrected himself and threw the car into the path of an oncoming truck.  Natalie was killed instantly and Matt died 2 hours and 45 minutes later.

We received a phone call from one of Matt friends that there had been a teriible accident and Matt had been taken to the hospital and that was all of the information we had.  We traveled to our local hospital only to find out he had been taken to a trama center 25 miles away.

When we arrived at the hospital they had not identified Matt and they showed me his cell phone and asked me if I could identify him.  My response was why can't he tell you who he is and they were very vague with the details of his condtition.  At that moment the man who was driving the truck that hit them came running into the ER with a small child and he had blood on his clothes and I will never be able to get the look on his face out of my head.  He knew that Natalie was gone and he knew the shape my son was in and I had no idea.

They took us into this room and began to tell me things like we are trying to stabalize him and control the bleeding.  After about 30 minutes they said that had him stabalized and then about 20 minutes after that they came back and said things that I do not even remeber except they began with HE HAD which to me meant past tense.  That meant my baby boy was gone. 

I began to scream and I could feel myself screaming but I could not hear myself.  All of his friends that were gathered in the waiting room all said I scared them to death but they all knew exactaly what it meant.

On April 19, 2004 my life changed forever and I will never be the same.


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #32 on: February 27, 2007, 09:57:57 PM »


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #33 on: March 29, 2007, 10:27:12 AM »
I've been coming to this website since December 2004 after the death of my son Don. I use to post a lot but now I read more than post. Today is Don's 19th birthday so I thought I should introduce my wonderful son to you.

My name is Kathy(dmom) and I live at the foot of the mountains in
North Carolina. I have a husband and 2 children (both boys). My
oldest son Don(16 years old) was killed in a car accident on Oct. 2,
2004. He was on a rural country road after stopping at a friend's
house coming home from work. Don was speeding. He ran off the road
and while coming back on the road crashed into a van with a family of
four. Don was killed instantly. The family was all injured ,but they
are out of the hosptial and recovering.

Don loved life and was a friend to all. He never met a stranger. Everyone that
every met Don thought he was very special. Although I am the forever proud
mother, Don had that special something. Don wanted to change the world as
was evident in his autobiography he wrote in his junior year of high school.
He wanted to always be remembered for doing something good. We have
a scholarship in his name so that he will always be remembered.
While being a typical teenager, sometimes he had wisdom beyond his
years. Don was in the National Honor Society, a member of the Varsity
Basketball Team, on the Yearbook staff, Peer Leadership
Involvement, Academic Booster Club and Key Club.

You can read more about Don in the article below that appeared in our local paper. Don's death brought the community together.

‘…there is a peace in this place’— Rev. Nelson Granade




Record Publisher

Eleven days ago, we all became one color, and that color was sad.

Howard Donald Williams Jr. – known to everyone as “Don” – tragically lost his life, and several members of another family were also seriously injured in an automobile accident on Saturday evening, Oct. 2.

I do not pretend to imagine the heartbreak and sorrow being felt by his mother and father, Don and Kathy Williams, for nothing is more unnatural than to bury a child.

Don Williams was a good kid – a really good kid.  You know, the kind of kid who other parents were glad to see their own kids hang out with.  He was a member of the First Baptist Church on Main Street in North Wilkesboro.  At Wilkes Central High School, where he was a junior, he was a member of the Key Club, Peer Leadership, Academic Booster Club, National Honor Society, the yearbook staff and the varsity basketball team.

But more than any of that, he was a true and trusted friend, and to me, no finer compliment can be afforded to this remarkable young man.  The outpouring of grief at the loss of Don wasn’t just for his family, for his friends knew they, too, had lost someone very special and that their young lives would forever be changed.

My wife, Laura, and I knew Don from his part-time job at the Brushy Mountain Smokehouse Grill in North Wilkesboro.  He was always outgoing and polite, answering “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” when spoken to.  I had forgotten, but Billy Joe Church pointed out to me that Don played YMCA basketball for both Thursday Magazine and The Record’s teams,  Our son, Levi, was a classmate and friend, and Don had spent the night in our apartment on the Friday before that fateful accident. 

The impact this young man had during his short life was made all the more obvious by the number of people who responded in so many ways to the tragedy.  For days, the Knollwood neighborhood where the Williams family lives was almost impossible to get through for the cars of visitors parked on both sides of the street.  On Tuesday evening, when I drove out to the Reins-Sturdivant Funeral Home for the wake, cars were parked all the way out to the Cattle Sale on Highway 115.  And on Wednesday, when we went to the First Baptist church on D Street, my wife and I stood in the vestibule and listened to the service with all the others who were unable to get inside the church.

I have to say that the funeral was one of the most powerful services I have ever attended.

When I arrived, the choir from Don’s home church was already setting the tone for what would be a true celebration of the young man’s life.  You simply could not sit or stand still during this service.

A lady standing behind me knew the songs and sang along beautifully with the choir.  A young soldier in uniform gave up his seat in the church to an older person.  Young people, wearing black ribbons consoled each other, many of them weeping openly.

Rev. Nelson Granade said in his remarks that… “On this day, we are all one church, one in Christ.”  He went on to mention things about Don’s life, referring to him as one who broke barriers of all kinds, whether they were educational, social, economic, or racial.  Granade pointed out that because of the extraordinary life of this young man, people were together in the same building that may have never come together otherwise, referring to the somewhat historic joint service of North Wilkesboro’s two First Baptists Churches.   

Rev. John Speaks, pastor of the First Baptist Church on Main Street, also spoke to those assembled, striking a theme of: “I want to see good things come out of this…” And, true to his evangelistic roots, he worked in a brief sermon based on: “Too much salvation on the outside, and not enough on the inside.”

Like so many folks attending the service, I couldn’t help but think back to my own days of being 16 year’s old and truly wondering how I had survived to be here today.  We all make choices and we all make decisions, which can change our lives and the lives of those around us.  Everyone feels badly for the Robert Watkins Jr. family, injured in the accident that tragic Saturday, and they are thankful to friends and family who have rallied strongly to help them through this time.

Don Williams Jr. appeared to be a kid who had made a lifetime of right and proper decisions, and who was clearly on his way to greatness —  when one simply wrong decision had cost him his life.  It is incumbent on all of us; friends, family, and clergy alike, not to let this young man’s life to have been lost in vain – to remind our children that they are neither invincible nor immortal while here on this earth.

Previously I mentioned that the choir of the First Baptist Church on Main Street set the tone for the service for Don Williams Jr.  As they sang, swayed to the music, and gave spontaneous testimonies of faith, I briefly thought of a conversation I’d once had with Don’s aunt, Ella Jean Williams, when we were working on a program for the service.

 I had awkwardly tried to express my condolences and sympathy to her and she replied, “You know, Mr. Welborn, God sends each of us to do a job, and when that job is done, he takes us home.  I believe Don’s job on earth was done, and God called him.”  She continued, “Of course we’re not happy about it – we’re sad, and we miss him, but we understand. We have faith.”



Howard Donald  “Don”  Williams, Jr.

March 29, 1988 – October 2, 2004

Rest in Peace


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #34 on: April 03, 2007, 08:05:00 AM »
My sweet Ty was born on April 3, 1992. He was born to very young and scared parents. I was 15 my husband just 20. We wanted him with everything we had and knew it was going to be a tough going. We added his baby brother just two years later. We were whole. We had the two precious boys we wanted and continued to strive to give them everything we never had.

We are broken now. We still have baby brother by the grace of God, but he called our first angel to be with him May 21, 2006, just a day before his 8th grade graduation. Ty, Aaron (baby bro), and a friend went wading across a sandbar at the lake near our home. The water was much deeper than the boys thought and the currents were swift and choppy. The boys were carried off the sandbar. When they realized what trouble they were in Ty tried to swim to a nearby fishing boat as he asked the friend to get his brother to shore. Ty did not make it. Aaron and the friend were picked up by another boat. That is the story of Ty's last day. His life was so much more.

Ty was a wonderful baby, I knew it wouldn't last. He was precocious and inquisitive about everything as a toddler. He was bowlegged and had to wear a brace at night for 6 months when he was just 18 months old. It didn't stop him. Each morning he would crawl out of bed with the brace still strapped between his feet and crawl to the gate we had in his door. he would climb up the gate and stand there and scream til someone came to get him. Which was never long. He had lungs.

He braved a hernia surgery just before he turned five. He walked hand in hand with the nurse into the operating room without his mommy or daddy. A quick look and wave were the last I saw before they brought him back to me. He was a brave little soul.

He braved school and excelled even after being diagnosed ADHD. He worked hard with medication to learn how to cope and deal with his problems. We helped him to learn what food and drinks to avoid. We helped him learn to express himself properly when bored or agitated. He was off meds by third grade and still excelling at school. He was an avid reader and loved fantasy books. He was an A-B student and knew that he had to work at that.

He was quick to make friends and keep those close to him. We moved across two states at the end of fourth grade. He adapted well. He still talked about his friends back "home" and would catch up with them each year when he visited his grandparents. In sixth grade, he met a boy that would be his best friend for the rest of his short life. Tylor and Josh were inseperable. I have said many times we shared custody of those boys. One weekend I had them; the next they had them. Even after we moved a couple towns away they were still that close. Josh knows just as many of the kids here that Ty did and he doesn't go to school here.

Eighth grade was Ty's crowing glory. We moved to a new town and school. He joined athletics and took up trumpet again. He loved all of his friends and was not discriminate on who those friends were. He was the buffer between kids that did not get along. He was not a joiner but he still lived by some of the same codes as some of the groups at school. They have a Bully Buster program. Ty was not a member, but I am told that he was the first to tell another to stop picking on the smaller and less fortunate. Ty was not an athletic kid when he took up football but he gave it his best. He could not stand running over the other kids. The only bad thing the coach had to say was "He needs to be more aggresive." I don't know if that is a good thing or bad. He skipped basketball, even though he was 6' tall. He took up track though. He excelled beyond any imagination that I could think of. He was excited and determined to do the best and better. He won many medals and ribbons. He continued to beat the other kids in his class and get better.

His life at home was the best and worse of him. He loved his brother, but he thought we had him as a play thing for him. He was a typical older brother. He beat up on his little brother, got him in trouble, and took care of him as if he were his own. Aaron has been lost these last months without that. Ty hated authority but had a deep rooted respect for our rules. He wanted to be his own person but wanted to please us also. He would buck us at every opportunity, but when he was at a friend's house he was always on his best behavior. I received many compliments on him and would always ask why not at home? It was a boy thing. He was definitely all boy.

He was not a perfect kid and I didn't want him to be. We always told him our job is to make you a good man not a perfect kid. Anybody could be a perfect kid, but it takes a strong will and a good heart and foundation to be a good man. He was almost there. He was on his way and had dreams galore. I wish he would have been able to realize those dreams. I wonder all the time what he would be like today. Would he be 6'4" like the doctors said? Would he be setting school records with those long legs? Would he be first chair on trumpet? Would he have the girl he wanted the day he died? Would he go to UT as he dreamed? Would he carry on the tradition and name his children after family? Would he do all the things he dreamed of? Or did he do enough to satisfy himself while he was here?

I know he knew we loved him. We told him all the time. I know he knew we were proud of him. We told him all the time. I am happy with how we raised him. I wish some things were different, but those things made him what he was and I am okay with that. I don't like it but I am okay.

In loving memory to "Boy Wonder"
Tylor Eugene Heath
April 3, 1992-May 21, 2006
In Loving Memory "Boy Wonder"
Tylor Eugene Heath
April 3, 1992-May 21, 2006


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #35 on: April 10, 2007, 09:02:48 AM »
My Dante was born on May 31st, 1992.  He became an angel on March 19th, 2007 when viral meningitis took his life. 

Dante was a "14 year old with no attitude".  A rarity these days.  We miss him so very much.

Love you Dante - you are with me always.

Marty (Dad of Dante Louis Sawyer)


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #36 on: April 22, 2007, 09:23:49 AM »
Richard Ellison Winter  Born June 22, 1986  Died March 24, 2005 @1130pm

How do I talk about the love of my life?  The person who made it worth living?  He was a 10 lb baby who arrived via a C-Section after 26 hours of labor and 6 hours of pushing.  He was stuck in the birth canal by his ears and looked like a conehead for a week after his birth! 

I knew I was in trouble when at 6 mos he was standing in the tub clinging to the soap dish on the wall and refusing to sit down.  His little butt cheeks were quivering and he cried when I finally pried his gloves off the soap dish and told him to "sit down before you fall down."

But that was his life.  Hell bent for an election at Mach 5 with his hair on fire.  At five years old when we moved to San Diego all he wanted to do is learn to skateboard.  The weekend we went down and stayed in a hotel on the beach I rented him a skateboard and he literally fell up and down the boardwalk all day.  His entire life I kept boxes of extra large bandages on hand because he was always taking risks on that skateboard.  He was a champion skater and could flip and fly with the best of them. 

On the night he died we believe he neglected to stop at the intersection at the bottom of a hill at a blind curve.  A 16 yr old driving his mothers SUV struck him at 70 mph three times as he bounced into the air and over the truck.  He landed 200 feet away in the middle of traffic going the other way.  He died in the helicopter on the way to the hospital from blunt force trauma.

    I am Richard’s mother. From the moment of his conception to the day of his death he changed my life forever. He was my best friend and in raising him I had a wonderful time and I wouldn't change a thing. His biological father abandon us when he was 3 mos old and it was you and me against the world until, when he was 4, his adoptive father came into our lives.  Richard taught me everything I know about love, fear, responsibility, happiness, and with his death I learned about despair and I learned the truth about where he went when he died.

I was a Chemistry teacher at a private High School and had been sick with the flu for several weeks. So, when Rick went out the for the evening I took two sleeping pills and went to bed. 

Thirty minutes later I was startled awake from a deep sleep by a dream. In the dream I saw Richard’s face and behind him was only blinding white light. He was grinning with the happiest smile I had ever seen.

He looked straight at me from out of the dream and said "Mom! I'm okay Mom! I'm with God Mom! Mom, you have to wake up. You have to wake up and answer the telephone." 

As I sat straight up in bed I saw the telephone on the night stand flickering. I had turned the ringer off. It was a policewoman calling to tell me there was a policeman at the door and would I please go let him in. 

He told us that Richard had been struck by a car while on his skateboard and had been airlifted to the hospital. The policeman didn’t know that Rick was already dead. But at that instant, as we dropped to our knees, I knew my son was gone.

Rick always let his Mom know where he was going.  Please don't think I am implying that my son was saved and your's wasn't because he/she hadn't been "reborn."  On the contrary, Rick was on the express elevator to hell until he turned his life around - or so I thought he had, a few months before his death - now I know that he really did.
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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #37 on: April 29, 2007, 10:40:13 AM »
Introducing Brynn Alexandra Proctor Suddes

Brynn liked to be called Brynnie,

Her birth date December 14, 1994
Her angel date January 2, 2007

There is a website for my beautiful and only child, Brynnie.

It is

I would love it it you have a look. 

Thanks,  Brynnies's mommy,  Elaine
My beautiful Brynn
Dec. 14/94 - Jan. 2/07


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #38 on: May 03, 2007, 10:09:35 PM »
I lost my son Matthew 2 1/2 years ago.  He was 26 years old.  Lwts start at the begining.  He was born in Ok on June 14, 1978.  My husband was in the Army at the time.  Matt was 6 weeks old when my husband  was sent to Germany.
We went back to MO to live with my mother and father while we waited to join my husband in Germany.  In Dec of that year Matt was dignosed with seizures.  He struggled all of his life with them.
On New Years Eve 2004 I was working. I called his cell to tell him I would be a little late as I was covering someones lunch.  I wanted to ask him if he wanted something for dinner. He didn't answer his phone.  So I called my other son Kit to see if he knew where Matt was.  He told me I needed to come home right away. I asked him why. He just kept telling me to come home.  I finally asked him if Matt had done somthing stupid.  That is when he handed the phone to the Officer that was with him.  I remember him asking my name. I told him what it was.  He told me on the phone that my son had taken his own life. I can not stand New Years Eve now.
In October of 2005 I got a call from my daughter saying that her children had been taken by DCFS.  She and her husband were both in jail for molesting thier children. 
I have not seen my grandchildren since my sons funeral.  In one year I lost all my family except my middle son.  I tried to get my grandchildren but the state of ND held them hostage.  Now they are being adopted by someone else.  I have not been allowed to see them or talk to them in 2 years.  I live in Co and if they had been here I would have them safe with me now.  I didn't even get a chance to greive for my son before loseing the rest of my family.  I often wonder how I kept my sanity.

Chy Scott's Mom

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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #39 on: May 13, 2007, 08:40:57 PM »
My youngest son died,  April 28, 2002 at 1:30am, approximately.
Scott Edward Tracey 12-19-1985   April 28, 2002
Born and died in Bozeman, Montana

   This is Scott’s story told by me, his mother.  It might be different if told by someone else, the facts would be the same I imagine but the telling of it all, the impact (what can be comprehended or expressed) would be different.  I’ve written stories all my life, you see, I am an Aquarian with a love of words and expression of emotions but this story, this sequences of events, is the most difficult, the saddest, the hardest multiplied a zillion trillion times, to write and remember and especially, to live with!  Bare in mind though that what I tell you here is relevant to what happened!
   I will start by saying a few things to clarify why my 16 year old was in one State while I was in another.  It’s important to me that the reason for this is understood, my pride, my integrity and my motherliness might be questionable otherwise, maybe it is anyway!  In February 2001, I decided to leave the State of Montana after 20 years struggling for a paycheck to try for a better wage somewhere else in our country where Office Management Skills were worth more than minium wage.  I put my finger on a map and came up with Mesquite, Nevada.  Scott didn’t want to go, we had been living off the grid in Montana and he was going to a much smaller school than he was use to for most of his life and doing very well there, plus there was this little cutie he was falling in love with.  He had just turned 15 on December 19, 2000.  The cutie’s mama loved Scott, what’s not to love?  He was hard working, honest and a gentleman and she offered for Scott to stay there to finish the school year.  After a lot of soul searching, I agreed, I wanted always what was best for my boys and although this wasn’t best for me, it seemed smart for him.  I could get my feet down and he’d get the rest of a school year in, I had no idea what kind of school system was in Nevada.  I left him in Montana.
   School ended, Nevada was OK but my oldest son and his girlfriend wouldn’t work, I had been evicted twice within 6 months and was moving to the desert with a guy I met that had a place out there we could go.  Scott stayed in Montana to work on the cutie’s Organic Farm through the summer.  I obviously had fallen short of my goal.  My oldest pulled up stakes and left September 11, 2002, the day the World Trade Towers went down.  I lost my job and was more lost than I had ever been before, my life was falling apart, so I thought.  Time was getting farther and farther down the line.  A friend stopped by on Christmas day and offered to take my boyfriend to Grand Junction, Colorado.  I begged him to go and come back and get me out of where I was.  They took me with them. I got a job within a month, had taxes coming back and Scott would be coming to live with me in Colorado.  We were excited about it all.
   Scott was no longer living at the cutie’s place, she had dumped him and he was heart sick, he had moved in with my mother who had thrown him out basically and now he was with my oldest son and that same girlfriend who wouldn’t work in Nevada.  His father was pissed because they were crashing at his place and he wanted them gone so I was threatening him long distance to be a father for a change and give his kids a place to stay.  I was desperate fo Scott to get to me.  Beginning of April I got my taxes back and rented a place in Fruita, Colorado.  The following weekend I was going to get Scott but after talking to my mother she said she would bring him to Cheyenne, Wyoming the following weekend and we would meet there.  That was so I wouldn’t be so tired from driving and have to get right back to work.  I agreed!
   April 27th, I was to work and then drive to Cheyenne, pick up Scott and come home with my baby and be a family again.  He was going to be a kid again, no more working like he was, get back in school, I was desperate for him.  Some friends of his decided that since he was leaving they would throw him a “going away party”.  Somewhere along the line, alcohol was bought, people were gathered and a spot was picked up in the Highlights, a mountain area outside of Bozeman, Montana.  I gather what happened was this....Scott had a ride with a sober friend and kids loaded up into vehicles to leave.  An older guy named Manley Ankney, 26, had been fighting with his brother, who was supposed to be the passenger in Manley’s truck, plus, some of Scott’s friends, 2 girls and a guy, were the back seat kids in that truck, weren’t comfortable driving with Manley, so, Scott and Manley’s brother switched seats.  Now, the testimony goes that Scott gave this guy hell the whole ride because he was driving like an idiot, passing other cars on the way down the mountain which is very narrow and curvy.  Forgive my language here but these are the exact words Scott said to Manley many times on that drive, “what the fuck are you doing?” and “slow the fuck down”.  Neither happened!  They ended up making it through that stretch of road and stopped to pee and whatever at the main road, where they all loaded back into the vehicle.  Less than a mile later, and following the last words anyone remembers my son saying “what the fuck are you doing?”, Manley almost went off the road on the left, overcorrected, went off the road on the right, straight through a muddy wet ditch, through a fence and up into a cow pasture where the vehicle rolled and threw Scott 93 feet.  They tell me he died within seconds.  Everyone was ejected from the vehicle, only the driver was an adult, the other 4 passengers were all 16 years old.  Scott died about a mile from where he was living, less than a day before coming to live with me again and 4 months after he turned 16.
   Now anyone reading this that hasn’t buried a child before can not really know all the stuff that goes on.  As if the burying of one’s child with all the details needing to be tended to and the folks with their hands out for your money, caskets, flowers, preachers, bagpipers...isn’t enough.  No!  There are usually court dates and hearings and depositions and plea bargains and waiting to get the personal items of your child back and most everyone I know feels screwed over by the system at some time.  You can barely pick your head up or draw a breath and you have a Victims Advocate trying to get you to put into words how your child’s death has impacted your life and you know that you haven’t fully realized it all yet but it has to be done now!  Meanwhile there is a gaping wound on your soul so large and raw and no one can see it and others around you forget it’s there because it isn’t their wound, no, it’s yours alone and although you grocery shop and look normal, your not.  Your forever altered, tainted, wounded, sad, angry and lonely.  I often say that I am every parents worst nightmare, I am proof it can happen!

Scott's in the red hat, his older brother Dustin is next to him- Scott's hat reads "Hell Bent For Pleasure".  I like that


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
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A 15-year-old from Liberty has died as the result of injuries she suffered in a car wreck Saturday, according to authorities.

 Cherie White died Wednesday at Anmed Health Medical Center as the result of a cerebral hemorrhage, Anderson County Coroner  said Thursday.

The same wreck also claimed the life Saturday of Bradley ?, 32, of S.C..

Miss. White was a passenger in the back seat of a Kia sport utility vehicle involved in the collision . She was transported, he said, to AnMed Health Medical Center; she said she believed the girl’s shoulder was injured.

Cherie suffered complications while at the hospital, the coroner said.

The Coroner plans to review Cheries medical records as part of a routine investigation of the case. Neisa’s family could not be reached Thursday.

The head-on collision happened around 3:15 p.m. Saturday on U.S. 178 near the Cherry Street extension in northern Anderson County, authorities said.

Mr. ?, the driver of a 2001 Ford Ranger, crossed over the center line and struck the 2004 Kia driven by Cherie's mother of Liberty, The coroner said Saturday.

Toxicology test results for Mr. ? were not available yet Thursday, said Lance Cpl. Kathy Hiles of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

We know the driver of the vehicle that hit Cherie was intoxicated....
He took away a very special part of our lives.  She will forever live on in our hearts.
God took our Angel Home-May 16th, 2007


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
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My son Alex would have been 12 today. We lost him on August 27, 2006 in a mva. I thought that I would be able to tell you more but I find that even after 9 months I still can't write about it.I thought that I would be able to do this for his birthday but it is harder than I thought.He had a beautiful smile and always like to sing this song to people that he would meet that had the chorus keep on smilin in it.Some children in his Outlook class sang it at his funeral and we had those words put on his stone at the cemetary.I have been coming here since around October of 2006 and have gotten so much comforting words from each and everyone of you.I really thought that I was handling this grief thing pretty good but this week especially has been hard and yesterday was just awful. I guess it was because Alex was born on a Friday just don't know.Anyway just wanted to tell my angel in heaven that I love him and Happy Birthday.Maybe when I can stop crying so hard I will be able to tell ya'll a little more about him.But I can tell you that he loved to laugh and he loved for others to be happy.Anyway thanks for listening to the ramblings of a grieving mom Sincerely, Janet


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
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In Loving Memory of John Robert (J.R.) Woodfin
July 10, 1986 ~ December 21, 2005

How do you describe a wonderful, loving, and vibrant young man in just a few paragraphs? He was my heart and now that he is gone I am just a shadow of myself…dead for all practical purposes yet forced to live on.

John Robert Woodfin was born on July 10, 1986. When he arrived, he was such a sweet little baby. He was so loving and caring from the beginning. When I would hold him up to my shoulder and pat his back, he would pat me on the back with his little hand. As he grew up he continued to be loving, compassionate, and kind. He always worried about the poor. He was a softie for any beggars that we passed by. His sister teasingly referred to him as “The Pope” because he would give his allowance away to the poor.

He always had a zest for life…always curious. He wanted to try everything, taste everything, and experience everything. It was almost as if he knew he just had a few years to live so he had to cram it all in. He didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. He went skydiving, bungee jumping and all sorts of other daring things (unfortunately trying methadone was one of them). He wanted to experience the world!

I remember how proud I was of him when he played water polo. He was so good at it and all the girls kept an eye on him. He was SO handsome. He made friends everywhere he went. He could walk into a party where he didn’t know anyone and come out with a new set of friends. At his memorial service one of his friends said “J.R. was not only my best friend, he was everyone’s best friend”.

He was/is such a beautiful young man. I was always proud to call him my son, even the time he wore that red Mohawk on vacation. Even when he was acting silly, he was exhibiting the uniqueness that made him…Him!

He was my reason for living. I am an empty shell now that he is gone. But I will go on because he wants me to. I will try to be more compassionate, loving, caring, and helpful because that is what he was and I want the rest of my life to be lived in honor of him. He is a very special person. And now he is an angel.

To see his pictures and read more about him go to;
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Marilyn Futrell


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #43 on: September 28, 2007, 03:32:04 PM »
 Patrick was born July 28 1970 He was only 35 when he died.He died of 2 major strokes and was brain dead.He started to have mini strokes on February 14 Valentines Day 2006.He ended up in ICU.He died February22 2006.He lived with me and did a lot for me .He liked football,fantasy football watching wrestling,recyling, Animals, He liked helping people.I miss him very much.LOVE AND HUGS PATRICK"S MOM MARIE


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Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« Reply #44 on: October 25, 2007, 12:16:08 AM »
I so loved this thread. I know how much we all miss our babies. I haven't been here in so long. I think of all of you so much. I would love to talk to you new comers.