Author Topic: PLEASE READ - If you have been having troule logging in try now  (Read 6752 times)


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PLEASE READ - If you have been having troule logging in try now
« on: December 03, 2006, 05:42:20 PM »
 Here's the short version of this post:

If you haven't gotten an activation email try logging in now and see if your account is working.

Here's the longer version.  When we first started this new board we had the registration set on "user activate" which meant that people could automatically activate their own accounts after getting an automatic registration email.  After a while we started getting more and more spam registrations from robots so I switched it to the next level which was "member activation."  I mistakenly thought that was also an automatic process but it is NOT!  Arg!  I realized my mistake and found the part of the admin software that activates new accounts and saw about 20 people who were waiting for activation.  I activated all of them asap.  Then I realized that I could have  chosen an option farther down the list that said "activate and send confirmation email".   Ugh.  What this means is that there are about 20 folks out there with activated accounts that are probably waiting for their email confirmation.   Please try your login and if you still can't login email me at [email protected] and give me your login, email and password and I will manually get your account going.

So sorry for the mess.

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