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New Boards
« on: February 08, 2008, 09:19:53 AM »
Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions on how we can improve the boards.  So many good ideas have been offered via the board and also via email and pms, thank you all.

We are going to start out by adding two boards.  One will be an introduction board that will serve as a place for people to introduce themselves.  It will also function as a place for the boards to introduce themselves to new members.  ;D  We will have descriptions of each board on a sticky on the introductions  board and also have a questions thread stickied for people to ask and learn about the forums. 

The other addition is a board for non-death grief.  There are so many examples of this sort of thing including divorce, separation, loss through illness or disability, loss of resources i.e. loss of a home due to fire and many others.  We will see how the board is received and go from there.

Thank you all for making this a place of healing.  I hope we can continue to make it better.
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