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(Inspiration) Coming Unwrapped
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:18:43 PM »
Coming Unwrapped
By Hank Hewett

We wrap ourselves for the holidays much like the presents we give.
The brightly colored paper hides what's within.
When people look at us they only see the outside.

We promise ourselves we will not come unwrapped.
We'll make it through the family celebrations, the church services, and the big occasion.
The paper and the ribbon will remain intact.

But it is the small thing that manages to untie the bow.
The little insignificant moment, the Christmas parade, the search for the tree, the discovered ornament, the special carol, the memory and the paper gets wrenched off.

The true Christmas presence shows itself.
The inevitable tide of feelings bursts out of the artificially decorated façade.
The emotions pour out. The intense anger wells up. The tears are shed and the holidays come. These are as sure as the tides of the sea and the march of time.

Only a compassionate friend, a bereaved parent, knows of what I speak.
Yet the answer isn't in fighting or in denying these feelings.

We have paid the price. We have the right to grieve.
The resolution of our grief is the grieving. Our hope for all who read this letter is that you will make it through the holidays. We cannot made the pain go away, but know there are others who suffer with you.

We have made it, and together will continue on.

~Hank Hewett - TCF, Scranton, PA
~reprinted from TCF Atlanta Nov/Dec 2000 Newsletter

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Danielle Marie Plourde
1/4/1995 -2/20/2006
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John-Danielle Marie’s Daddy
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