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Service at Fir Lawn Memorial
« on: December 08, 2006, 05:25:56 PM »
Last night the Funeral home that took care of my son had a service for all passings in 2006.  We lit a candle and decorated a Xmas tree of your ornament for your love one.  This was very hard and very sad.  They sang Christmas carols which i tried very hard to do. The speaker that night read something that made me calm but still miss my baby boy..... 

Went something like this..

"Christmas with Jesus"

I looked from above and heard you singing
I saw many Christmas trees and decorations
Up here I got a choir that sings with many voices
And glory that fills my soul
I know you miss me and I miss you too
Don't be sad, wipe those tears from your eyes
For I am spending this Christmas with Jesus.
We all hope see each other someday
But just remember the goodtimes we shared
I will be waiting for you here in heaven
Where it is most beautiful.
Just remember I love you so much that I want to see you again someday
But for now I will be spending Christmas with Jesus.

I cried, and cried but in the same time relief that someone greater than I has been watching over my child.
We cannot forget our child but remember them with all the good times we shared.
Yes, I miss him so much it hurts but until we meet again I will be yearning for him.
My baby boy I am so proud that Jesus is with you and you're not alone.  I am learning to accept Jesus into my heart as you would be proud of me.
I pray every night for all of us to find peace in our hearts for what we have loss.
I have no regrets in when god gave you to me for I will cherish each moment and everyday.
It will be hard not having you here but I know in my heart and in my soul that you are with the Lord above who gave you life and now your back in his arms for all of eternity. 
He will protect you and you will do the same for I know now that without him we all will be loss.
Too many pain and too many sorrows has left us in this world of broken hearts.
We should be mad at someone else other than Our Lord Jesus Christ.
For he will give us strength to get through these hard times
I will remember you always my baby boy.  we love you and miss you so very much again dear God please hug him for me for he is yours now and someday I will understand.

I have alto to learn in my years to come and when my time comes I will be ready to go up high in the heavens with my Baby boy.

Forever your Mom

"Always Remembered - Never Forgotten" 

Lisa Moody - Russell Boys Mom
"Always Remembered - Never Forgotten"