Author Topic: My sister passed away on Sunday  (Read 4904 times)


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My sister passed away on Sunday
« on: January 16, 2008, 09:47:38 PM »
On Sunday my younger sister passed away.   My sister had been ill since early December, and was taken to the ER right after Christmas where she had to have emergency surgery (a cancerous tumor found in her colon) the very next day.   She was in the ICU for over 2 weeks and was in tremendous pain.   Last Friday, she looked a bit better and was able to whisper to us and told us she wanted to go home.....but by Saturday evening her vital signs looked bad and by early Sunday morning we were contacted by the hospital that she only had an hour to live.    I thank the Lord that she was in no pain due to all the medication she was on.

My family and I will greatly miss her.   This has hit my mother really hard.   At the moment we're dealing with a lot of financial problems since my sister did not have health insurance.   

When will the pain go away?   I've lost my father, relatives, co-workers and good friends but losing my sister has been so difficult.


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Re: My sister passed away on Sunday
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2008, 06:02:26 AM »
mystigal: First, let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your sister, and for all she endured for so long in the hospital. I am also glad that she did not have to suffer unbearably, and that they gave her pain medication. My dad died after a triple bypass, and he endured so much for several weeks in the hospital, and we felt we were dying with him. To watch his decline was horrifying, and we felt so helpless.
There are several posters who have lost siblings, and they will respond soon, I am sure. I am so glad that you found us, and I believe that you will find a great deal of understanding and comfort here, and you can join us on the Main Board any time you'd like, as well.
Let us know how things are, and if there is any way we can help emotionally. We are here to listen, and we all know the pain that death brings. It sounds like you and your sister were so very close. You and your family are in my prayers-Lonnie


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Re: My sister passed away on Sunday
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2008, 10:10:34 PM »
Lonnie, thanks for your response and your prayers.   At the moment I'm not doing too good.  I finally went back to work on Tuesday and I feel very depressed.  I don't really want to work, I cry at strange times, still can't sleep that well, and once I get home I usually retreat to my room.    My mother says the house is too quiet when I'm not there and my son hasn't been very much help....he's taking the loss of his aunt hard but in a different way then I am.   

I think we may have to move from this house (a rental).  Everytime I come downstairs I think my sister will be sitting in the den or coming out of her bedroom.    But, the move will  take place this spring since we have a lot of work to do (cleaning out the garage, closets, tossing things out, etc.). 


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Re: My sister passed away on Sunday
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2008, 02:27:50 PM »
Hi mystigal1,
Iam so sorry for your loss,it is so very hard to lose a brother or sister .
I lost my brother just over a year ago now and i felt so lost as you share so much as your growning up together.
I was very close to my brother he was 14 yrs older then me so he took me to lots of places on his motor bike from the age of 5, he was always there for any of us, He was a great person our gental giant.
I have never felt so much pain and like you i cried at all sort of times of the day, some day i just wanted to stay in bed n forget about everything.
My brother died on 10th january 2007 of a heart attact aged 44, it was such a shock and no-one got to say goodbye.
I took it really bad i felt i just couldn't go on even though i have to children that are only 7 and 4, i am so lucky to have my boyfriend who has stood by me and i have coursed alot of problems with our relationship but he is still there and i thank you john for that.
Time does heal believe me i thought i would never get throught this but i am now on the healing path.
We are all on the same path some walk it slow and some walk it fast but the important thing is that we all walk it at our own pace.
I was one of nine my dad has 5 children from his fist marrage and my mum has 3 from her fisrt marrage, they married and had me and my dad adopted my mums children as they lived at home and my dad has never treated them any different to me, i grew up with them and am so close to them, it was my mums son that died last yr. We had another lose this yr on the 5th of january, one of my brothers from dads first marrage died of pneumoina aged 49, it felt so wrong i didn't feel anything i felt more sorrow for my dad lossing 2 sons both under 50yrs old in less then a yr, my dad is 80 has said many times now that it should have been him and not them.
You sound quite young living at home still maybe you could get some help with counselling, I am 31 and having counselling helped me agreat deal along with my kids, john family and here.
It does get easier it just takes time, i know it doesn't feel like it but hang in there.
Hope you find some peace my thoughts are with you,
Take care  Hugs Helen