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« on: November 22, 2007, 02:55:13 PM »
 Hi i found this and thought it was nice and i could relate to it
take care all hugs helen xx
  Let me be the one

Let me, be the one, who can help you,
Show you I care, enough for two,
Even though, your heads a mess,
Doesnít mean I donít care less;

Worrying about the hurt now passed,
Wondering how long it will last,
Instead of looking forward to love,
Frightened to hold, ready to shove;

Hard to know how to hold you,
When you tremble right through,
So much pain inside you there,
Someone, somewhere, does care;

A bruised soul takes longer to heal,
Passion and emotions new to feel,
Those scars there across your heart,
Let me try to find a way to start;

Read my words I give to you,
To help the best that I can do,
Be inspired by my tearful prose,
Filled with deep joy who knows;

Your not alone, there is a light,
To shine upon your darkest night,
Be not afraid, knowing someone cares,
Been there too, a friend who shares;

Let me, be the one, who shows you,
Strength is better when there are two,
May you find the peace you seek,
When your lying, crying, weak;

Pick you up and hold you high,
Not for any reward or reason why,
Save that of knowing my task is complete,
Pass it on, the love, to each you meet;

Angel guide me into the lighter path,
Dry my tears, fill my spirit, hear me laugh,
Today it hurts but wonít always be so,
Tomorrow, let me, be the one, to show.