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Listing of recommended books


The recommended books are all linked below.  Just click on the picture or the text to go to to purchase the book.  If you want to search on your own just click Grief Books 

Recommended Books

General Grief

How to go on
 Living When Someone
 You Love Dies
 A Time To Grieve

Healing After Loss:
Daily Meditations for
Working Through Grief

Roses in December: Comfort
for the Grieving Heart

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers

Death of a Child

 A Grief Unveiled:
 One Father's Journey
Through the Loss of a
 "When The Bough
Breaks: Forever After
the Death of a Son
 or Daughter"

After the Death of
 a Child: Living with
Loss through the Years"
 Beyond Tears: Living
After Losing a Child

 Lament for a Son

A Broken Heart
Still Beats After
 Your Child Dies

Love Never Dies:
A Mother's Journey
from Loss to Love

Death of a Sibling

Surviving the Death
 of A Sibling


No Time To Say Goodbye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

After Life Issues


Life After Death:
 The Burden of Proof

Walking in the Garden
of Souls
  Life After Life


 Good Grief

The Christmas Box


  Motherless Daughters

Mother Loss Workbook:  Healing Exercises for Daughters



 Swallowed by a Snake:
The Gift of the Masculine
 Side of Healing


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