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Inspiriational-Waking Up With A Smile
« on: February 05, 2007, 11:02:49 AM »
Waking up with a smile

Waking up with a smile on your heart is a near impossibility when you are experiencing the raw pain of grief.  When you wake up, the feeling you get is that of a sinking spirit.  The feeling that lets you know almost immediately that something is not right.  In fact, that sick feeling you get in your stomach lets you know that your entire world has been invaded by an enemy we call death, and the world as you once knew it no longer exists.  Grief, in its raw stage, robs us of all joy.

God, in His infinite wisdom, knew that we each would go through the lonely pain of losing someone we love.  That is why He has surrounded us with so many visible assurances of His love and presence in our lives.  We can see His mighty power in the rolling of the ocean waves and in the tide that comes rushing into shore.  We see His love proclaimed every time there is a sunrise and sunset.  We can be assured of His control over the seasons we pass through in our lives when we see new life pushing through the cold soil to usher in spring and all of its newness and beauty.   

God is everywhere and is our partner through everything we endure.  When we are feeling our lowest, it's important to anchor onto God and His promises.  His love is the only thing that will not change and will not leave.  He endures forever and walks by our side always.  He lifts us up when we fall, and He carries us when we are too weak to travel this journey we call grief alone. 

Don't be afraid to talk to God.  He is with you right at this very moment.  He's our Friend - the one who will not ever leave our side.  Call on Him and you will have a listening ear.  Look to the heavens and be reminded that death is not the end for those who have gone on before.  Death is a new beginning.  It is a place where all fear, hatred, sin, and pain cannot exist. 

Our grieving hearts will one day be filled with hope that overflows. When we keep looking to God for our daily strength and hope, great things will begin to happen.  We will no longer feel alone, and we will cry tears of sorrow rather than tears of regret and bitterness.  Hope restores our soul and gives us the strength to go on!  --Clara Hinton
Wishing You All Continuous Comfort & Peace,
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