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Sibling Loss / Re: My Brother myself
« on: February 19, 2007, 02:13:19 AM »
ive lost two  brothers in eight months.....both 51 at time .i found my second brother in his bed dead....i live next to him and my sis lived with him.....shes disabled and we thought he just didndt get up for work.....we wanted to let him sleep....oh my dear god........i screamed and screamed.....not my other brother too.i have no real words to me or anyone ......the pain is too hard and was told there was nothing physically wrong from the autopsy....oooh im so angry he is my sis is all afraid to be there and feels alone.i go over every day and i cant understand this all......god help this family....what a loss what a loss....oh im soooooooooooooo so hurts too bad.Karen

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