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Spouse, Partner Loss / Re: Introductions thread
« on: November 17, 2018, 03:26:22 PM »
Hi, Iím Laurie. I lost my dear sweet husband of 25 years on October 24, 2018 to cancer. We had a fantastic cross country trip this past summer with no idea he was ill. We were gone 7 weeks, we traveled 7,000+ miles. We hiked, biked, visited national parks, and just had a ball. The last day in Gettysburg, he said he didnít feel good & went & lyed down in our motel room. The next day, he still didnít feel well so we drove the 6 hours home. He went to the doctor and all hell broke loose. He was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4. It was in his liver, lungs, stomach, back, and lymph nodes. We went to Dana-Farber for a 2cd opinion. He went through 2 rounds of aggressive 50+hours of chemo. We all went through hell. He decided no more chemo & his doctor concurred it wasnít working anyway. He never really stood a chance. The cancer was very aggressive. We were in the hospital from 9/21-10/22. 10/22, my birthday. My only wish was to get my husband home on hospice care before he passed. He was given his last rights before we left the hospital in case he didnít make the trip home. We made it, I got my birthday wish. On 10/23, our granddaughter was born. On 10/24, my beloved took his last breath with is family by his side. 11 weeks. Thatís all it took from the first day he didnít feel well till the day he passed. 11 short painful weeks. I thought they were painful, till he passed. I have never known pain like this, nor could I have imagined the depth of it until 10/24, now I know it because I live it every stinking day.

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