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Suicide Loss / this website sure has changed
« on: May 23, 2014, 10:08:27 PM »
My son died in 1996 at age 11. I used to come to this website because it was one of the places I felt I belonged.
My beautiful boy Kyle died on a saturday morning after an argument with me. He put a bathrobe belt around his neck and sat in his closet. It was hard to beleive it could happrn like that. His death was ruled as death by misadventure.  I know in my heart he wasnt trying to die that day but having him angry at me before he died was unbareable. I have learned to live with my loss and emptiness. I have two other children that had to grow up without their big brother and as I feared then my son does not remember his brother as he was only 3 at the time of his death.  We talk about Kyle often and still cry.
To this day people say the stupiest things and I have learned that I dont need those people in my life. Just redently I had someone who I thought was a friend tell me I dwell on it. I very rarely talk about kyle and that day I was trying to help her with an issue and used some of what I felt atbthe time of kyles death to relste to her pain and that was her response *you dwell on it *. I was shocked but that day I decided I dont need you in my life.
 Ajyway thanks for listening. Hope everyone on hereis finding some happiness.

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