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Sibling Loss / new here
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:54:28 PM »
I posted in the intoduction board.  I am sad to be here, but glad there is someplace for me to go.  Things are sooooo frustrating right now.  My brothers estranged wife has popped back up in the picture, after abandoning them 8 years ago, and since they never actually divorced, and he never changed his beneficiaries, she is going after his life insurance and retirement.  All of which should go to his girls.  UGHHHHHH!  I am just amazed at how selfish and self absorbed people can be.  I had her in my home 2 weeks ago to discuss Missy's living arangements (missy is the 10 yo daughter that is living with her maternal grandmother for now)  She wants to move in with us.  But his wife may take custody of them just so she can claim the social security benefits too.    She acted so sad about Kevin's passing and was acting like it was all her fault (won't argue there) and how she wanted kev's money to go to the girls.  Then we are informed that she went to the union today to file the death certificate and get the money.  They are stalling for a little bit, because they know the situation.  My mom was trying to get the courts to award her trustee of the money, to be put away for the girls.  Now she is going to have to spend all this money to fight Debbie.  I really thought that she was genuine.  I thought she had changed, but she hasn't.  I feel like such a putz, for taking her for her word.  I'm the one who mentioned the money in the first place, after my mother asked me not to say anything to anyone.  I Just didn't feel right not saying anything, especially when she was so willing to entrust Missy with me.  and she told her that she was going to live with me, but now i'm not so sure.   I love that little girl so much (i love her big sis too, that is a whole other story) and having her around is having a little bit of Kevin around.  Plus, she just shines when she is with us.  She has been coming to my house everysat night to sunday night to spend time and go to church with us.  She is soooo unhappy with her grandmother, who is a mean drunk with a lot of health issues.  Missy shouldn't be with her in the first place, but kev had no choice.  That is yet another story i'm not gonna get into now.

anyway, brownies to anyone who read all the way through my nove.  I'm jsut so mad at my self for being so gullable.  I just can't help but try to find the good in everyone.  And this time, i got burned. 

Kristi, who's feeling a bit down right now.

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