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Child Loss / Posts Viewed
« on: December 13, 2006, 05:39:47 AM »
It seems to me that the large numbers of posts viewed are inaccurate. I know that every time a see a "new" next to a post that I have already read I will click on it again to read what the new poster has said... so if I am correct, this would bring the number up by one every time anyone reads, whether it is once of ten times. Am I making a correct assumption?
Rebecca Jason's Mom
PS I also responded to post online to Dena and it did not show up ???
Thanks, Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Uncomfortable
« on: December 13, 2006, 04:34:11 AM »
I still feel uncomfortable working my way around here. Please in 2nd grade terms, let me know how I can respond to someone who has responded to another's message. Faye said there is a  place but it is not on my program.  Sometimes a respondent writes something that i feel I want to share on.  It use to be that the message would appear under our own name but still under the original poster.  I know I must be annoying but I think I can do much better here once I get the point of how to do things.  This weekend I will print our all the tutorials and try to understand.  Today, by date if 22 months that we found Jason.  I would love to get his picture on here so that on here you all know what my son looks like and who is listening to music with your children.  So... please have patience with me.  My excuse of being so tired when I get home is not an excuse... I really am.
thank you.
Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Tutorial - how to...
« on: December 11, 2006, 08:30:02 PM »
Dena said to post any questions and they would try and answer but there was no way to post a question under this topic.  There was no reply button, etc.

I would like to know, among other features, how to post a reply to a specific person under someone else's post.
Thank you.
Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Valerie - My life has changed forever
« on: December 11, 2006, 05:38:21 AM »
For some reason, at your post, there was no way for me to reply.  So, I decided to write a separate post.  I feel too that my life has changed forever.  Every waking moment I think and see Jason...the strange thing is that when he was alive, I didn't do that.  If I didn't hear from him for a couple of days, I'd call or ask my husband, but it was not painted on my forehead.  I miss him more and more each day.  yesterday, I had a meltdown and cried and cried.  I am here to talk and support you.
Rebecca, Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Another Question
« on: December 09, 2006, 09:56:46 AM »
When the prompt says I have one message, one is new, how do I find out where to find the message.  Do I have to scroll down to all my posts?  I am getting frustrated by not being able to understand the nuances of this new board.
Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Mark as Read
« on: December 08, 2006, 01:33:30 PM »
Sometimes computer saavy people have a way of saying things that computer morons like me just don't understand, such as:
   The Mark as Read button enables registered members to mark all posts in this board as "read".  Now please....... what does this mean... I don't see where it shows me I have read a post... and another thing...I think there are so many reads to a post because sometimes I reread the post before I read the new post so that I know what the response is responding to...
   I don't have the time I wish I did to figure all this stuff out. At work I am swamped and when I get home I am so tired.  I do read and try to post so trying to figure all this out after a grueling day is too much for me. 

  I so appreciate the lessons Cherri is giving and hope that you Cherri continue to teach us on here.
Thanks Tom for all you do with your team... this is no easy task.
Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Newbie
« on: December 07, 2006, 07:15:35 AM »
What does position Newbie mean?
Rebecca Jason's Mom

Child Loss / Back Home In Indiana
« on: December 05, 2006, 01:37:58 PM »
We are back after being gone almost 19 days. I just asked Tom how to log on and he (thank you) was a great deal of help... as you can see... I am on here... Now to figure out how to put Jason's pic on.  My friend scanned the pic and now I have to figure how to put it on here.  I was very sad while away.  Thanksgiving was difficult. I still feel that Jason is not gone and when it hits me I have a pain in my gut.  The one bright spot was seeing his dogs. 
Rebecca Jason's Mom

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