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Hello Everyone:

I am in need of help. My husband is an only child and had an extremely dependent relationship with his mother who passed away from an 8 year battle with colon cancer on March 8, 2017. My husband has always been one who hasn't been able to deal with his emotions very well. Two years into our marriage I found out that he has never met his biological father whom I located and who wants to connect with his son.

My husband has a tremendous amount of anger. Every time his mom's cancer became worse, his anger got diverted to me and now two days before his mom died he filed for divorce and won't get help through grief counseling. We have a three year old son together and i want to work things out through counseling but he won't listen or talk to me. He isolates himself.

I am not sure what else to do at this point as I have tried my best to encourage him into counseling. He is often at his mom's house and sleeps on her bed with the urn close by.

Is this normal for grief ? I have dealt with grief but didn't act this way.

Any advice on what I should do ?

Thank you !!!


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