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Suicide Loss / My Boyfriends son Committed Suicide...
« on: January 01, 2017, 09:28:34 PM »
My Boyfriends son took his life at the young age of 13 on August 30th 2016.  There aren't many support groups for the spouses of the ones whom have lost someone, but I'm really struggling with this.  I was there during the hospital the entire time, sat by his side, stayed the night, assisted with arrangements everything.  He has 2 other children and I have one.  At first he brought me closer to him, didnt want me to leave at all.  He needed me.  Me being with him helped calm his nerves and his heartfelt emotions.  He now pushes me and everyone else away.  I of course can't even come close to image what he is feeling, having a child myself, but I am not sure how to handle him or situations we are in.  He is in the first stage of grief, anger. he take it out on me constantly.  The smallest thing seems so monumental to him.  The only time he really is more calm is when he has his kids because I know that brings him more comfort.  But he is spiraling out of control very quickly and im worried.  He pushes me away, screams at me, calls me names, and the nwont talk to me for days.  I ask him what he needs and what i CAN do and he says he doesnt know.  I have told him that i'm here no matter what.  I have asked him if he feels our relationship is a burden or that it possibly needs to be put on hold and he says no, but his actions say other wise.  I know he is in so much pain i see it everyday.  It's so hard looking at someone you love and seeing them slip out from under you.  I miss his son too. I have un answered questions too, but I know I dont feel what he feels.  I'm just not sure how to handle this.

looking for any advice.

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