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Parent Loss / Re: Introductions
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:15:26 AM »
Hi Amy, I am new to this group as well.  I just lost my sweet daddy two weeks ago yesterday.  My mom passed away almost 10 years ago now.  I know how you feel about having days where you don't cry at all and other days where you just can't seem to stop the tears from falling.  I spent a lot of time with my dad the last few years, taking care of him.  I miss him dearly and feel lost and empty without him.  We were so close and he was home with me in hospice when he passed and it was hard, but he was tired of nursing homes and hospitals.  He was home for literally one week when he passed.  He went peacefully, surrounded by all his kids and grandkids.  Although he is no longer suffering, I miss him so much and would give anything to still have him here with me for me to take care of him.

Parent Loss / Re: Introductions
« on: February 03, 2016, 09:23:36 AM »
Hello, I just lost my sweet daddy two weeks ago yesterday and feel so lost and empty.

Main / Missing my daddy
« on: February 03, 2016, 07:54:10 AM »
I just lost my sweet daddy two weeks ago yesterday.  I feel lost and empty as I have spent the last 2 or 3 years taking care of him.  I got married this past October, we rushed the wedding, putting it together in 10 months as my dad was getting up there in age and it was important to me that he be there to give me away.  One week after my wedding he ended up in the hospital.  We took for severe pain in his knee, they admitted him for pneumonia.  The hospital kept him for 3 weeks, it was a nightmare.  They said he was aspirating and wanted dad to have a peg (feeding) tube put in and dad refused it.  Since then he had back back and forth between nursing homes and hospitals.  I prayed to just get through the holidays with him, so we could have one last Christmas with him.  He got so tired of the hospitals and nursing homes and said he just wanted to come home.  The social worker at the last nursing home he was in suggested we bring him home on hospice as we could get more help and equipment for him.  My husband and I met with the hospice people to discuss it, so we could be more informed.  Then I spoke to my dad about it and as soon as I told him it was 100% covered and it meant he could go home, he said yes.  He was home, with us, for literally 1 week and he passed away.  I know he is no longer suffering but I miss him dearly.

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