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Parent Loss / Re: My mother Laura's 3 year Angel Date
« on: November 29, 2014, 08:21:54 PM »
Hi Terry,

I know it's been a while, been a little busy the last few months.  I guess the 23rd will be a special day for us from now on. My mom's birthday was on the 5th. I didn't really have a bad day then, but Thursday night and yesterday, I had a few teary moments. Why couldn't your children come? Are they too far away?

Yeah, three years. I know right? I think time is slowly starting to slip away from us. Thanks, your father raised an awesome daughter ;-)  I'm glad that you and your sister are spending time together. Do you see her often?

Health wise, I went totally blind in my right eye in August. It was caused by my eye having a stroke back in December which led to fluid buildup. I have an appointment with an opthamology clinic this coming Thursday. I hope they do the procedure on it to clean it out. As for my heart and diabetes...I'm just hanging in there and waiting for February to get here because Medicare will be coming available to me and I can finally get more help. 

I do have some good news. My sister got married on September 28th and had a week long honeymoon in the Caribbean. I found a new apartment and call it my man cave haha. Her and I get along so much better now that we don't live together anymore. 

How is everything out your way?

Love, Adam

Parent Loss / My mother Laura's 3 year Angel Date
« on: November 23, 2014, 12:18:19 AM »
In 33 minutes, it will be the 3 year anniversary of my mother's passing. It has certainly been a long, hard road without her. Every time I think of her, I still get choked up and cry a little. Although, it's not the 5-10 minute downpour that it used to be. I miss her like crazy, not being able to talk to her. Thanksgiving and Christmas has been miserable as well since she left us. I just haven't been able to even remotely get into the mood for the holidays because it was our favorite time of the year. I've been trying to tell myself that she would want me to be happy during this time. It's helped a little, but it's going to be a work in progress. I do want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother in the time that I did get to spend with her. I just wished I spent more time with her and told her that I loved her more often the last few months she was alive.

Parent Loss / Re: How is everyone doing?
« on: May 06, 2014, 04:15:37 PM »
I'm screaming too lol. Thank you. I do feel better.

I agree. I know there's a few demons that I need to kick out I guess.

The baptism was fun. I got fully dunked under.  I kidded that the water was so warm, I wish I could have swam in it lol. It was warm enough that I stayed hot throughout the rest of the service.

Oh I got new news.... my podiatrist finally figured out what was wrong with my big toe and why it wouldn't heal. It turns out that the bone had curved almost into the shape of a hook and it was keeping pressure on the wound to where it wouldn't heal. So, he went in yesterday... drilled and shaved the bone to where the would should finally heal and the hook is gone. Had no pain at all, just blood everywhere lol. I've already had to change the dressing twice since yesterday. Thankfully, I see him tomorrow.

I think summer is trying to get here a little too early. It's getting a little hot around the collar. 

Good to hear from you Terry, love and hugs to you,

Parent Loss / Re: Hurting and scared
« on: May 03, 2014, 12:14:39 PM »
Hi Gail,

I can definitely relate to how you are feeling. I lost my mom nearly 3 years ago. At first, I was fine because I knew she was in a better place and no longer in pain or struggling. After awhile, the grief and pain from her being gone finally set in. It hurt a lot. I cried every day. Thanksgiving and Christmas still sucks because she passed the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas was our favorite holiday. I love and miss her a lot, but I know she's watching over me.

Just remember that she is always right there beside you and will never leave you. She will always be your guardian angel and watch over you.  Ask God for peace, comfort and strength. He will get you through.


Parent Loss / Re: How is everyone doing?
« on: May 03, 2014, 12:06:42 PM »
I'm still kickin. Not too much has been going on. I've lost almost 70 pounds since January. I went from 345 down to 279 right now. I joined a gym and it has helped some. During Easter weekend, I became a member of the church that I am attending and I will be re-baptized tomorrow. Ummm, my sister Jaime got engaged in February and is getting married in September. I just got dumped from a 3 week relationship with no warning. I think I'm going to leave dating alone for awhile and let God work on me and if it's in His plan for me to be with someone, then he will show her to me in His time. 

How are you Terry?

Parent Loss / Re: Laura's Angel Date (((Adam)))
« on: February 18, 2014, 04:42:53 AM »
It's okay Terry,  I had to go get the fluid drained off of me again early last month. Since then, I have been keeping it off.  I have also lost a lot of fat weight.  I'm down two pant sizes.  Now, it's a matter of keeping it going.  I did get my eye checked out.  My eye had a stroke.  It was full of blood and fluid. As well as lots of leakage and hemorrhaging.  They found a blood clot too. So, I had to have a shot in the eye.  The medicine is supposed to help dry up the fluid and blood.  I am also on Plavix for the clot.  It's gotten a little better, but not enough to where I can stop worrying.  I have to get my license renewed next month on my birthday and I'm worried they won't pass me.

I need to start praying. It's about the only time good things happen anymore when I do.  I am getting to church more now.  On a good note, my sister is engaged and is getting married later in the year.

Parent Loss / Re: Laura's Angel Date (((Adam)))
« on: January 01, 2014, 10:38:08 PM »
It's going, not sure if it's well lol.  My fluid is getting full again and I don't have the money to get to the doctor.  I hope I can manage until I am able to.  I am almost blind in my right eye.  I woke up one morning early last month and it was very blurry.  It's been that way ever since.  I've also been depressed a lot lately.  It's mainly been about my overall situation with the health, living and financial situation and lack of love life lol.  I'm trying to pray more about everything.  Maybe one of these days, it will get better.  


Hi could have cataracts in your eyes. I was having a problem with blurred vision and cloudiness...just a lot of eye strain. Pain, too. I saw my Ophthamologist and discovered that I have Cataracts in both eyes. I can only 'see' them with my prescription glasses on, though. But it is sure nice not to have that blurriness any longer.
Try to get to a doctor when you are able because it could be something other than cataracts. You just can't mess around with the eyes. We only have one pair. Okay?

I'm sorry to hear of your struggles and it can be overwhelming so (and I do it all the time) write everything down you need to get done and do at a time. Just check them off, one by one. It may take some time but we have to start somewhere. It helps not to get so overwhelmed that way.

Try to get as much exercise as you can, Adam. Especially if you're feeling down. It's really a cure-all for so many things. Try walking a few blocks then walk further every day. Even if it's a little further. Regardless of our conditions and we all have something, walking can never hurt you but it can benefit you greatly!!

Pray if you think it helps but nothing will work until we get our butts in gear. We have to do the hard work.

If I thought I had an iron deficiency then I would first have blood work and if the results confirmed my suspicions then I would proceed to taking iron supplements, getting shots, if that's what my doctor recommended and then I would pray that I would continue to stay strong and make the right decisions regarding my health. But prayer alone will not raise my iron levels.  :love9:

It only get's better when we work to make it better!

Thanks for the update and keep me informed as you are getting all of these troublesome, pesky health problems checked off of your list. And, good luck to you, Adam.

With love, :love9:

Parent Loss / Re: Laura's Angel Date (((Adam)))
« on: December 23, 2013, 07:05:01 PM »
Thank you Terry. 

Parent Loss / Re: (((Adam)))
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:21:57 PM »
She is on the mend, she just has one of those types of injuries that will take forever to heal. I wish that I could know if Mom comes around or not.  It would help to know that she's here.  Thanks, it means a lot.  I'll try to remember your father's birthday and think of you both as well. 

Yeah, staying out of the hospital means no bills to pay.  Although, it would be a good place to hide from my sister because her temper just stresses and depresses me to the max.  I can understand the work stoppage. I think the holidays are ruined for me because it was the time of the year that Mom and I loved so much.  I don't know, maybe one of these days I can learn to love it again.  We will see. 

Thanks for being there for me

Love ya,

Parent Loss / Re: (((Adam)))
« on: November 01, 2013, 12:14:07 PM »
The Prodigal Son has returned lol just kidding!!  Hola Terry, how are you doing?  I remember trying to write back in August or September, but wasn't able to get it through.  So, I'm trying again, hopefully it will work this time. Good news is that I haven't been in the hospital since August, so I must be doing something right.  Although, I've been way past dead and exhausted lately.  I had to pick up the housework because my sister Jaime was in a very serious car accident back on the 3rd of October and she can't do very much.  Jailyn is doing fine.  I wish I had her energy.  Having the back surgery hasn't really slowed her down too much. 

I still struggle with Mom's loss sometimes.  I wish she was still here so she could get Jaime off my back.  Jaime, Jailyn and I miss her so much.  Tuesday is going to be hard because it's her birthday.  She would have been 61.  The 23rd will be even harder because it's her angel date. 

How's the house coming? 

Parent Loss / Re: (((Adam)))
« on: July 28, 2013, 10:01:00 AM »
Note to self: Never try to type a post while watching Superman.  I was watching Superman while typing the reply and when I hit Post, the site said I had timed out and now I have to retype everything.

I'm guessing this post was for me because no other Adam replied.  Hi Terry, how are you? It sure has been awhile.  A lot has happened since I was here last.  I spent March through mid May living in an apartment.  I then moved in with my sister to help her out because I felt like I couldn't live with my dad anymore as long as Beth is there. 

I have had 3 stays in the hospital since April because my heart/heart failure has been acting up.  Between excessive fluid and chest pain for nearly a month straight, life hasn't been enjoyable lately.  On a recent ER visit, one of the doctors commented that it might be a possibility that my heart has gotten weaker.  My heart is barely pumping as it is.  I can't imagine it getting worse and me living much longer.  I know it's a sad way to look at it, I guess I'm just being realistic. 

My dad told my sister the other day that he plans to have his name taken off the headstone that he and mom were going to share and put my name on it as well as give me his plot because he knows that when I do go, I wouldn't have any money to be allocated for those things.  Another reason is that he has also decided to get another plot and be buried with Beth when it is their time.  Of course, my sister was very upset because she is so attached to Mom and is still having a hard time with her death. 

I am asking for prayers for my niece Jailyn.  She just turned 14 and is having back surgery on the 1st due to severe scoliosis.  I'm worried that she won't be the same afterwards because I have heard from a lot of people that once when back surgery is done, they are never fully 100% ever again.  My grandmother had the same condition and numerous surgeries.  I think that's where Jailyn got it from. 

Ok, enough about me, anything new?

Parent Loss / Re: Resolutions?
« on: January 10, 2013, 06:43:39 PM »
Yeah, I have got to make this a better year for me....I have got to at least turn around things mentally and emotionally otherwise I'm going to end up in the looney bin lol jk, but I do need to change my life.  Yes, it might be a bit much, but you know what they say..... Go Big or Go Home.   So I'm going big. 

I'm going to try and get out of here asap because I just developed a hunch that I think my father is coming into my room when I'm not here.  I was on the phone with him the other day and he had mentioned that I had gotten my W-2 from my last job.  The only way he could have known that is if he had been in my room because I had gotten the mail that day and didn't tell him about it.  I just changed my password on my computer, just in case and I also unfriended him on Facebook.....I'm gonna see if he notices or says anything because if he does, he's busted.

Parent Loss / Re: Resolutions?
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:11:53 PM »
1.  Become a better Christian and closer to Jesus/God
2.  Try to stay healthy and out of the hospital as much as possible lol....last year was horrible
3.  Move out

That's really about it

Parent Loss / Mom paid me a visit
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:03:25 PM »
I went to church with my sister this morning.  This was a rare thing for me because I hadn't been in years except for Christmas Eve.  Anyways, when I got home and was changing clothes, I heard 3 chimes.  At first, I was in disbelief and was wondering where the sounds came from.  I got dressed and started looking around, I finally saw that one of the Coca Cola figurines that she had left me played music.  I wound it up and sure enough.... those notes played.  I couldn't believe it.  I said "hi mom".  Now that I think about it, she was probably letting me know she was here and I'm sure she was happy that I went to church lol.  I had a small crying spell that I'm now over, but I'm glad she came.

Love you Mom

Parent Loss / Re: Predicament
« on: January 04, 2013, 01:37:36 AM »
((((Pam)))) I think it will be a good move.  I need to be on my own anyway.....If there was one thing that my father did teach me, which wasn't much, it was to be independent.  So, maybe once when I do leave and some time passes, hopefully, it will heal all of us and we can start over again.

Yeah, I'm going to try and make this a better year.  I'm gonna make a trip to Austin and see some old friends this summer if I get the chance to.  Maybe I'll get lucky and finally God will let me have a girlfriend lol *wishful thinking* 

I hope the New Year brings new blessings and comfort to everyone here.  Sending that energy right back to ya, so you can have some lol. 


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