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Parent Loss / Re: Wilfred's Angel Date ((((( FROG )))))
« on: May 30, 2012, 07:52:29 PM »
We went to Memorial Day service.  My dad was in Marines in WWII.  It seems like an appropriate way to honor my dad. 

Thank You!  I have very good memories of my dad.  He was a very hard worker.  When I was young, he managed a grain elevator.  Back then, like mamy men, he worked 6 long days a week.  I learned a very strong work ethic from both my parents.   We still had family time.   My dad totally changed professions and worked in the engineering department as a draftsman.  Fortunately then he was able to work 5 days a week and from 8 to 5.  Family time was important in my family.  We went fishing.  We played cards and other games a lot.  When I was in high school, I was determined to beat him at cribbage.  I remember we played a long time.  I don't think I ever beat him.  I think my daughter inherited his cribbage skills!  :)   He always had time to play cards with my children.  He took my son out for "coffee" when we would go visit!  If there is coffee in heaven, I am sure he is enjoying his coffee and visiting.  My dad was quite a handyman.  When my son was young, he loved to build things and just pound nails in boards.  Grandpa always had a supply of boards and nails so Dan could build.  Dan would ask, "Grandpa, could I pound?"  Dan and Grandpa would go to the garage and pound.  Those boards got recycled into many creations. :) 
Thanks for letting me share some of my memories.  Like I said, I have many good memories.  He was a good man!

Parent Loss / Wilfred
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:35:03 AM »
My dad died May 28, 2000; 3 days after his 73rd birthday.  He never thought he would live until the year 2000.

Parent Loss / Wilfred
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:31:21 AM »
My dad's birthday

Parent Loss / Re: I feel like I am in a desert
« on: May 18, 2012, 09:54:25 PM »
A few years ago when we helped my mom move from her house that she had lived in for more than 40 years to an apartment, it was harder.  It was hard for her to give up some of the things and she was hinting at my brother or me taking things home.  I kept saying that my house is small and I just can't take everything.  It seems easier now to take things to the thrift store than it was then.  I will keep the old pictures because I love old pictures.  I have to keep some paperwork stuff for awhile - just because we live in a paperwork time.  It takes time to go through all the "stuff" and figure out what to do with it.  Some stuff got put in boxes/totes and brought home because we had to be out of the apartment and there is only so much time on weekends and only so many weekends in April.  I am a teacher so as the school year ends, I will have time to go through the last of the totes and make a few more trips to the thrift store.  I also plan to go through my closets and boxes and get rid of stuff that got put away for whatever reason.  I think I have rambled. 
One big accomplishment is that I got all of the thank you cards written the last 2 days.  A friend told me that it is OK that it took me this long.  Another big accomplishment is that I have all the bills paid.  It took forever to cut through the banks red tape so I could write checks. 

Parent Loss / Re: Any dates in May for our parents?
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:49:17 PM »
That would nice if you would post it on the calendar.  My dad's birthday was May 25.  He died 3 days later on May 28.  He would talk about the year 2000 and never expected to see it.  He did though.   :LA:

Parent Loss / Re: Any dates in May for our parents?
« on: May 10, 2012, 08:46:56 PM »
My dad's birthday is in May.  He died 3 days after his 73rd birthday.  This was 12 years ago.  We learn to adjust.  There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think about him.  Many things remind me of my dad. 

Parent Loss / Re: I feel like I am in a desert
« on: April 30, 2012, 08:17:52 AM »
It is nice to have the support.
I think I was too crabby to some guy on the phone this morning.  There are so many phone calls to make.  I was calling to cancel the prescription drug plan - I won't be paying for another month. 
There are so many calls  and you say the same thing  My mother just died and I want to cancel or whatever.
The monotone guy on the other end of the phone says - We have no record of this death.  Social Security would contact us.  etc. 
At the end of the call he says. "Have a nice day, ma'm"
This is the crabby part - "Yes I will.  My mother just died." 
Couldn't they be trained with a different way to end the call?

Parent Loss / Re: I feel like I am in a desert
« on: April 28, 2012, 10:24:13 PM »
I have been going through drawers.  It is so hard to decide whta to keep.  It is only stuff.  There is only so much room in my small house.  I feel the need to bring some sort of order and organization to my life. 
Family was so important to my mom.  It is interesting to see the things she saved.  It makes me wonder what people will think when the day comes that they go through my stuff.  :) 
It is fun to see the notes and cards and pictures that my kids sent Grandma.  She still had the coursage from my wedding and we have been married 31 years. 
I have found lots of little notes that she wrote.   
My mom wasn't really a baseball or football fan, but she starting watching the Twins and Vikings because my son is a sports nut.  She watched so she would be able to talk to Dan about it.    I found notes commenting on how the teams were doing.  :) 
I think I have rambled on enough.  Thank you for providing a place to ramble. 

Parent Loss / I feel like I am in a desert
« on: April 27, 2012, 09:31:37 PM »
I feel like I am in a desert.  I am so tired.  I want to sleep.  I have so much that has to be done.
Last weekend we cleaned out my mom's apartment.  That was hard.  Some of the "stuff" was easier than other.
Now I have to find a place for the things I brought back.  I love all the old photos.  There are the family heirlooms. 
Then there are the silly things - things I remember using when I lived at home. 
I read an article on a news site.  I thought that my mom would like to read that and wanted to forward it to her. 
I got some new pictures of my baby granddaughter and thought my mom would like those and wanted to e-mail them to her. 
All these things that I used to share with my mom - I don't have anyone to share with in the same way.

Parent Loss / Re: Introductions
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:52:37 PM »
I am new to blogs and forums.  I read about this on the funeral home website. 
I am not sure what to say for an introduction. 
It has been an emotional year for my family.  My husband's father died in February. 
Our daughter had a baby in March.  That is wonderful but our daughter and her family live 3000 miles away.
My mom died on Maundy Thursday.   :tearyeyed:

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