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Sibling Loss / Re: please read
« on: April 12, 2008, 09:53:14 AM »
  :' Family of 7 children . I lost my first sibling , She was only 45 Nov 20 2005. She was gone Heart Atack went in her sleep. And In August 29 2008.  I lost another sibling, My biggest and best older brother he had just turnd 51 . He had lung cancer  My Big - Bro  and all of the family was at his side when the news came to us that he only had 12 hrs to live! My heart shattered my big bro with the big tears in his eyes said okay as long as their is no suffering.  Into Pallative care he was . He suffered for 72 hours & you now I still cant handle loseing him still to this vary day. I have no one here in my own home to talk about it my parents are in there 70's and there are only 5 siblings left. They hurt as much as I do and I don't wont to hurt them if they don't wont to talk about the great lose of our Sister & big -bro. I hope I am doing this all right! My tears are flowing like a stream as I write this. Then we just lost a niece at the age of 16 Jan 12  and an uncle  Jan 8 all of 2008  I cant seen to get a grip on my life. Thank You .. Brenda Lee.

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